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Takeru Tominaga was a Japanese cameraman who explored a mysterious island to record for the television program "Idol Survival".[1] He serves as the main male protagonist of BIOHAZARD heavenly island.


Takeru arrived with the Idol Survival staff on Sonido de Tortuga, initially focused on the presence of Japanese gravure idol Mayu, whom he had a crush on when they worked prior. After a run in with both TerraSave's Inéz Diaco and the mysterious village shaman, he attended a voudou ritual held by the natives in the staff's honor. Getting lost in the woods after the ceremony, Takeru was attacked by the zombie Coco, one of the idol contestants who had gone missing earlier that day.

Despite his initial reports being disregarded by the staff, Takeru paired up with Mayu to begin filming the first game of the competition, only to witness the death of another idol at the hands of the B.O.W. he would nickname Morio. Barely managing to force Morio into the sea, Takeru guided through rising swarms of zombies before stumbling into a cave full of zombified villagers and Morio's own "home."

The pair would later meet with Brown Anderson, Laura Bierce and Zi Li, forming a team to survive and escape the island. Brown succumbed to infection and seemingly forced Takeru to kill him before he completely zombified, leaving Takeru in charge of the surviving girls.

Chased once again by Morio further into the woods, Takeru spotted a BSAA helicopter, following it to find TerraSave member Claire Redfield, Inéz, and BSAA Europe's Parker Luciani fighting another B.O.W. in front of them. Takeru, now fueled by Brown's final words, followed Claire to the underground labs previously owned by Oswell E. Spencer and Alex Wesker, where he and Mayu soon were attacked by a Hunter awakened from stasis. Inéz came to Takeru and company's rescue, but despite their combined efforts she was mortally wounded by the B.O.W., leading Takeru to shoot and kill the Hunter in a fit of rage.

As Laura ran from the group upon realizing she was infected with the Jǐn Dú virus and slowly becoming a zombie, Takeru chased after her. Despite her pleas for him to kill her while she remained human, Takeru refused. He explained that he did not shoot Brown when he was turning, but that Brown had shot himself, and that much like Brown had given him a choice, he chose to spare Laura rather than kill her on the spot.

As Laura, now on the path to zombification, staggered off into the dark, Takeru wept before running back to help the others. He bought Claire time against Schraube Damon, but would soon be captured unwittingly by Zi Li, who revealed herself to be a spy for the Shén Yā Pharmaceutical corporation. Zi Li proceeded to torture Takeru while dangling him over a massive pit in the facility, striking him repeatedly with a lead pipe to demand information, before being attacked by the now undead Laura, causing her to plummet to the bottom of the pit.

Takeru escaped with the survivors but faced mercenary forces from Shén Yā who threatened to kill them. It was only thanks to Zi Li's attack on her own forces that he and the others were able to escape to the attack team's armed boat and stage an assault against Zi Li. When Marilou Mabou was held captive by Zi Li during the battle, Takeru volunteered to rescue her and buy Claire time to finish the monster off, declaring his love to Mayu before charging forth. Although he (and Morio) seemed to have stopped the mutated Shén Yá spy, her severed head proceeded to attack the rescue helicopter meant for her and Mayu. Wounded and low on weapons, Takeru worked with Mayu to force a grenade into Zi Li's mouth before ducking into a pitfall made earlier that day for an Idol Survival competition, finally killing the beast.

After being rescued, Takeru returned to Japan with Mayu, having now established a romantic relationship with the idol after their ordeal.

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