Taking over (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.

Plot Edit

After taking care of the problem, Claire returns to the cockpit so that they can continue on their way only for a sudden change of the plane's course switching over the autopilot. Steve not understanding what's happening, Alfred showed up on their screen telling them that he won't let them off now with his creepy laugh.


Steve: "What was wrong?"
Claire: "Oh, nothing. Just a giant cockroach that had to be stepped on."

Claire: "What's happening?"
Steve: "I don't know. The plane just changed direction on its own.
It's flying autopilot mode. I can't switch over the manual control."
Alfred: "My apologies. But I cannot let you escape now. (laugh)"
Claire: "Alfred! You crossdressing freak!"

クレア:何でもないわ 大きなゴキブリがいたのよ

スティーブ:分らねぇ! 飛行機の方向が勝手に変わった!
スティーブ:ダメだ 手動にならねぇ!!
アルフレッド:そう上手くは いかないのよ
クレア:アルフレッド! あなたの仕業ね!


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