Even though I kinda agree with Swalko's point, especially sourcing everything to an unnecessary degree as he seemed to allude to, not everyone's played the game, and they'd also end up lost in regards to that quote when none of the cutscenes actually mention this quote, or even the script, and even those who have played the game may not actually remember where it was said (I'm interacting with a person right now who has in fact played the game and doesn't even remember that conversation), so a source would at least act as a helpful reminder in case they want to look there.

And I don't doubt that the conversation happened (Wikiquote and this site referenced this conversation, after all, so it definitely had to have happened), I'm just asking that we at least have an easier time being able to find it. The only thing I can definitely say is that it probably occurred around the time Chris and Sheva met.

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