Mistaken Identity?

I kinda have to agree with Cabstep. While I don't agree with how he edited the page, Cabstep has a point. His hair doesn't look right. I think Frost is the dead body in the Temperature control room actually. Frost has more of a pointy type hairdo while the guy in the Below Freezing Point opening has a hairdo sort of like Carter's. I've made a side by side comparison of the two images Cabstep uploaded and the one that's currently on the article.

Glitchhunter09 18:00, March 25, 2012 (UTC)
Image comparison

A side by side comparison of Frost's NPC costume and the alleged FMV version of him. I don't think it's him in the FMV and it's mistaken identity. You can be the judge and discuss it on Talk: Frost

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