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Sherry Birkin LukeDavis93 01:33, 25 August 2009 (UTC)

Highly unlikely, CAPCOM already said the character was origional. Seeing as we're seeing an origional addition to the story, she could be anyone. We don't know anything about her whatsoever, whether she's an antagonist or whether she'll simply appear as a plot device. Knowing CAPCOM's shoddy patchwork she'll probably be a dashed addition to the Code Veronica segment, maybe something to do with the Ashfords? AzureSN 23:47, September 2, 2009 (UTC)

just a theory but it could be the originally cancelled character Elza Walker LukeDavis93 00:37, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

wrong wrong wrong lol she was a great character in her own right!

oh, a little more imagination Capcom! Starting with Ashley, the new characters are increasingly shallow and annoying
Ashley? O, yes, their constant screaming makes many players want to shoot her.
Angela? please! was not Catwoman a more appropriate name?
Manuela? Better not say anything! What was she doing?
1) Her skin is too dark for her to have green eyes.
2) Never had anything better to do than get to sing? She ever went to school? Never went out with friends? She has friends?
3) Fainting for no reason... her parents never took her to see a doctor? A sorcerer, a shaman?
4a) Why is she singing in front of a monster without fear, but faints at the sight of two men with guns? She has an emotional problem?
4b) I know the monster is her mother, but... why is she so trusting? we are talking about a monster!
5)If she ran away from her father... why she kept the bracelets? Anyone with half a brain had disposed of them hours ago.
6) In any case... you're singing to your monster-mother, two men with guns enter the place... what kind of reaction is a faint? No screams? No run away? If your mother is a monster and still loves you... what kind of person would not seek her to defend them? She's big and full of tentacles, sure she can defend you.
7) Okay, probably I'm wrong, but... why a small girl would agree to follow two men ten times stronger than her... alone? She does not know what "rape" is? Have I said that they shot her mother? She is not angry about that?
8) She shows the way to her father... so they can kill him? Okay, maybe she hates her father. But it would be best poison him (cook for him for a year or two and then put poison in it), no need to risk being seen as an enemy, you can not defend yourself. What if these two men fail to do anything, your father thinks you are his enemy, and send someone to kill you? What will you do then? Is Manuela stupid?

Think about it, Capcom! There is something called realism, you should use it in your characters.

Rafe Weisz

1) It's possible for someone with dark skin to have light eyes. My friends sister married a black man, and their son is black with bright blue eyes.
2) She sings to calm herself when scared.
3) Did you miss the entire plotline about her having a fatal disease?
4) The monster wasn't there until Leon and Krauser entered, did you not see it attack them before they entered. Her fainting was probably exhaustion. b) She didn't realize it was her mother until it was dying.
5) What does her wearing bracelets have to do with running away from home?
6) Exhaustion? She escapes and finds the village infested with monsters and B.O.W's that's allot to take in for anyone. Especially someone so young.
7) What choice does she really have? She wakes up on their boat, she's not gonna jump out of the boat into the river, attempt to swim back and deal with the hordes of zombies in the village unarmed.
8) Her father did bad things, she knows this... Leon and Krauser, never planned on killing him, they planned on arresting him. They only decided to take him down when he mutated. Even after blatantly running away from her father at least twice, he continues to try and persuade her to come back with him. He's her father, he loves her very much and all his actions were done in order to save his daughter, what purpose would there be to kill her?

1) Okay, maybe it is possible.
2) Maybe that is not the best attitude. How about hiding somewhere? That worked very well for Fiona Belli.
3) I only know the game thanks to youtube, sorry. I'll tell it again. If her father can buy viruses and launch them on people, definitely can take his daughter to Europe for a doctor to see her.
4) Then... she is singing in the midst of a very dangerous area... with closed eyes? Is not that dangerous? she is the daughter of an organ dealer, and she do not know about danger? weird...
5) You know what those bracelets mean? They say clearly that she has something to do with her father... she was so silly not remove them?
6) I know younger girls who are not afraid or tired so easily.
7) There's always another option, perhaps... not to attract attention. Singing that way, she could have attracted zombies, or worse things.
8) Maybe... she does not want to inherit his empire, but... how about running, running, running to escape to a safer place, perhaps even go to another city, be adopted by a better family? (hahaha :P) Back to reality, there are many things she could have done. Starting from avoid dangers. Then hiding in a smaller place with floor without holes, remain silent and please! without closing her eyes. Perhaps accompanied by other children? And most important! Stay away from strange men, especially from one as large as Krauser... perhaps she could have fled from them. You know the "I need a bathroom" trick? (You ask them to go to the bathroom, and escape quietly from the back while they wait for you)

Rafe Weisz

2) There was no monsters in the church, it was a pretty safe place. She wasn't singing that loudly if you think about it, Leon said he could hear her but I as hell couldn't.
3) Javier had hired the best doctors to try and save his wife and daughter, but it was untreatable...or something. The only way to save Manuela was to use the virus' Wesker supplied and continually transplant Manuela's organs to ensure she wouldn't mutate.
4) It's a little weird yes.
5) I don't remember anything said about father and the bracelets...either way, I don't see why the bracelets were really an issue they seemed pretty tight fitting so I doubt they'd effect her movement at all.
6) Sure, but there ARE girls that would react similarly I think. She ran away from Javier's mansion, went through the dam, made her way to the village, presumably ran from hordes of zombies and found safety in a church. I think it's pretty okay so far.
7) Yes, keeping quiet would have been the best choice. But Manuela likes to sing to calm her. It's weird, but necessarily unrealistic. Some people would probably pray in that position.
8) She didn't know there was any dangers until she got to the village, she mentions when you enter the dam that there weren't any monsters there when she had come through. Javier presumably sent out his controlled B.O.W's to retrieve her and caused the virus outbreak in the village. She was trying to escape her father, and Javier caused all this horror. Trusting Leon and Krauser was a GREAT move on her part, they are government agents! Plus, she survived didn't she, I dunno why she'd wanna escape from them when they are the only thing keeping her alive and away from Javier :P

2) It is not safe when you have holes the size of a small car on the floor.
3) If your father does all of that to help you, should you do not feel a minimum of gratitude? Enough gratitude to prevent you help people who want to arrest him?
5) If you use the symbol that identifies him, is because you are part of his group, which means that possibly they will also arrest you.
6) Sure, but those girls would not be a dealer organs daughter. Maybe a doctor or a baker, but nothing that leads them to think about the danger too young. Manuela should know exactly what to do in that situation, or is that his father was so irresponsible not to teach? I knew, even when I was younger than her, and my life will never be in such danger as her.
7) A place with holes in the ground... surrounded by water... and she only thinks about singing? Perhaps it would have been better to stay with her father, obviously she does not know what to do when alone. Why she did not look for other children in the village and fled with them? Perhaps there was no one, but then... the worst choice as a hiding place was that.
8) "they are government agents!" She could not know, they were dressed as soldiers. "they are the only thing keeping her alive and away from Javier" Again she could not know at first, maybe they were lying to her, and after all he is your father. How about a talk to give him the opportunity to explain his reasons to you? If you really hated him... you had killed him yourself long ago. That is what hate is. If you do not want him dead but you do not mind him being arrested... maybe you should stop and think better what you're doing. Your mother is a monster, your father is in jail. What will happen to you later? You really are going to trust these people do the right thing with you? What if they will leave you in the middle of the jungle once they work is done? If they kill you because no one should know that they were there? Nobody knows what is going to happen, and in any case, the characters in a game does not know they are within a game. Anything could happen there.

Rafe Weisz

"Okay. Know-it-all who started this debate..." Be polite or I will not respond to anything you say

Rafe Weisz

Okay. Know-it-all who started this debate, CAPCOM does not have to be realistic. If they were realistic, there would be no zombies, tyrants, giant alligators, the T-virus, G-vurys, T-Veronica virus, there wouldn't even be a Resident Evil. P.S, just because someone hates their father, doesn't mean they kill them. And besides, it is pretty much biological impossible to have complete hatred, as you are programmed from birth to love your parents. Even if they do bad things. I hate lots of people, but I do not kill them. AlbertWeskerpwnsChrisRedfield 15:02, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

One more thing, when she sings, the monster does not attack her because it is her mother, and she has the veronica virus which allows her to control things also infected with that virus.

Um, guy above me. You are not allowed to edit someone's post on a talk page. Not allowed. And I do not have to be polite, ignorance gets people no where.

I haven't finished this scenario so I haven't got the entire story. But for her singing to soothe herself, hey it could be hysterical screaming/sobbing/hyperventilation. Soft singing is much more better than the above, she's probably doing it to keep from doing one of the three. And I thought Javier was a drug dealer. He was just taking teenage girls' organs to help his daughter. It seems from what I gather from the two or three chapters we've finished he wants to keep her safe and keep her from mutating like her mother at any cost. --Peroxwhy gen 21:51, January 9, 2010 (UTC)


whats the name of the game she is in feedback please

Slightly nonsensical

...besides the majority of this page having seemingly been used as a dumping site for an argument which seems to stem from an awful lot of opinion...

Is anyone else just a little sussed that Manuela was able to control her infection? She's supposedly affected by the T-Veronica Virus, like Alexia was. Alexia had to remain in a state of suspended animation for a set period of time in order to control the infection and development rate of the virus to preserve her higher brain function, and even then, she still mutated quite significantly. Manuela meanwhile is sustained by illegally harvested organs (how that even worked is not explained), without being kept in suspended animation or anything similar, and not only doesn't turn into something as badly twisted as Nosferatu, but is in actual fact in complete control of herself AND her "powers" provided by the virus?

...does anyone else feel a bit like Capcom temporarily mistook Resident Evil and Devil May Cry again?

In any event, my point is, shouldn't her page include mention of these inconsistencies?

Iudicium 05:27, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

Because her father was changing her organs(wtf).

And if hes so rich why can't he get her any clothes 0.o

And he said that changing her organs keeps the virus at bay for 15 years.

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