Yeah, and that's not getting on how none of S.T.A.R.S. seemed to even notice that Wesker was acting awfully suspicious during the Mansion Incident, or how the RPD didn't seem to notice that during the leadup to the outbreak, their Police Chief was acting extremely suspicious (well, okay, the night-watchman and the secretary did act suspicious, though only the latter seemed to actually act on the suspicions, and it's subtly implied that the latter ended up killed. Still better than the other characters not seeming to view him with suspicion at all, though). And don't get me started on how the Deputy assumed that Ethan was closing the garage door despite his obviously not even being anywhere near the switch.

Then again, people who aren't the main characters (and in some cases, even the main characters) tend to be exceptionally naïve and forgetful in Japanese mediums (ie, mediums that were originally made in Japan, and Resident Evil was originally made by the Japanese), considering that Metal Gear 2's manual implied with Roy Campbell's bio that most people had already forgotten Big Boss running FOXHOUND despite it literally only being three to four years since the Outer Heaven Incident (and FOXHOUND being formed in the 1990s during that time), or how people seemed to forget completely about The Boss (based on Solid Snake's confused reaction about her when Big Mama briefly mentioned her name) despite Operation Snake Eater being declassified. And don't get me started on Dragon Ball, where most people seemed to completely forget about the Red Ribbon Army during the Androids Saga despite the fact that it was only a couple of decades since its fall (and if we go by the Attack of the Saiyans, there was a very brief revival). Probably the only one of those amnesiac elements that was actually justified was with Majin Buu, as Goku and the others wished for Shenron to erase everyone's memories of Majin Buu shortly after Kid Buu was destroyed, thus allowing Mr. Buu to live in peace on Earth. Even Dead or Alive, which generally averts this sort of thing, has Hitomi fighting Jann Lee for "hurting" a T-Rex that was just about to eat her, not to mention being the only one of the girls who did fall for the same exact trick that Zack pulled from the first Xtreme game in its sequel (the other girls were at least tricked by other means besides the whole "there's a new DOA tournament" hoax, or came of their own volition, and in the case of Kokoro, she was a new-comer.).

Did they ever announce a new release date recently, though?

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