Did anyone else...

Nearly **** themselves when they fought Birkin? I know I did...--Brain Golem 16:03, December 30, 2009 (UTC)


This game seems like a good way to explain more of HUNK's background, anyone agree? -antihero276

Personally, I don't think HUNK's back story would hold any relevance over the storyline so I don't see it being featured in the game. I wouldn't be surprised if he receives a cameo in the game though.

well he was responsible for the raccoon city outbreak...that sounds slightly important to me. -antihero276

You're giving him a lot more credit than he deserves. The team was full of hired guns, the guy who shot William down is the one at fault for triggering the events but at the end of the day the one truly responsible is William who caused the samples to spill in the sewer, and the rats were at fault for spreading it. HUNK just happened to be there during the events. - Kein87

Wait are you guyes sure that that was HUNK in that troop, because I've seen a lot of umbrelle soldiers wereing the exact same outfit. and by the way I thought that everyone there got killed by "G" (not saying that HUNK was of course) --Headshot Master 02:49, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

umm...they arent hired guns. USS is a trained military division in umbrella. plus the simple fact is that HUNK has been given crappy short appearances when he is a major fan favourite who deserves a story. That and how he's the only character smart enough to wear a gas mask in a disease filled enviroment, and the only one to wear a full armor suit. basicly he's the boba fett of the series. -antihero276

Regardless, I think It'd be cool to know more about him, like what happened after umbrella collapsed. I myself was hoping he'd be a boss in RE5, or part of the BSAA

that would be wierd and freaky,HUNK is sort of an anti-hero.He wouldnt be tring to stop the virus if he took so much carefulness in getting it:

  • "Stop firing! You might hit the sample!"-HUNK from RE2 -Zombie_dude09

I think he would be a reluctant hero character if he gets a bigger appearance, perhaps since the s company is trying to reastablish umbrella, they will hire HUNK for something. -antihero276


Yeah, he's back. I was surprised when I checked Keith Silverstein's website. I never thought he'd be in the game. He'll probably just show up in a scene where he takes the G-sample from William Birkin.

I hope not, that scene's overused.. he deserves a new apperance.-antihero276

Overused? It was shown once in Resident Evil 2. Sorry to break it to you, but that scene is going to appear, it's the only connection HUNK has to the plotline. 4th Survivor was already playable in Umbrella Chronicles so I doubt it's going to reappear in Darkside again, as a hired gun to Umbrella his connection lies with Umbrella. At the most, perhaps he's a boss or something in Leon scenario.

I think he deserves another part in the plotline, show a new mission he was associated with and interwine it with the plotline or something. id like to see him do another mission.

Fine, but I don't expect it to be featured in this.

Heh.. knowing capcom? of course it wont.


Things I will hope this game explains:
  • Jill's status as a boss battle in RE5
  • HUNK
Anyone else have anything to add?

Jill's status as a boss battle was explained in RE5 >.>; and I don't get what's left to explain about HUNK, he's a trained arm hired by Umbrella to handle some of their dirty work and he tends to be the only survivor on missions. HUNK's allignment is with Umbrella, Umbrella is not the main enemy of this game (hence the fact this wasn't Umbrella Chronicles 2) so the likelihood of him having an impact on the plot is so slim. Though it is probably if they have Annette's flashback HUNK will be seen and you can have your fangasm

The thing is we fans want to know more about HUNK's career with umbrella, and what became of him after umbrella fell. i for one am tired of capcom only featuring him in "the 4th survivor".-antihero276

Have you ever considered there IS nothing more to share, which is why he hasn't been featured in a game?

I'd just like to know Sherry's status most of all...that's what I'm hoping for in this game.

I want to see Sherry Birkin too! I thought she was sooo cute in the origional! It would be great to see her return... i mean we don't know a lot about her right? All we know is; she was related to William and Annette Birkin, that she survived with Leon and Claire and Wesker *drools* took custody of her... right???

I think thats what was said in Wesker's Report. But I can be wrong. As for HUNK, I always thought that he was a guy working on the "inside" to bring Umbrella down or at least selling secrets, but thats just me ~~MaximumLuger

Well If HUNK was working on the inside to bring Umbrella down he was very very bad at it, supplying Umbrella with a sample of the G-Virus! However I don't think he is "evil" I think he is just a loyal soilder who see's his job through, he is very matter of faxct about things, for instance, when escaping Raccoon city he here's a radio call, someone panicking, asking for help cause there gonna die.. HUNK coldy responds "This is war, It's your responsibility to survive" something alone those lines anyway. As for Hunk apperaing in DC, well as it has been mentioned the bad guy in this game is not the Umbrella corporation (just the darkside of its activities) so HUNK being a loyal Umbrella agent may not have a place.... his one and only mission that we know of (collecting the G-sample from Raccoon city) has all ready been expanded on In Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles, so I don't know what role he could serve now.

I am also an avid Sherry Birkin and was thrilled to see her new screen shots in DC along with more of Leon, Claire and Ada! glad she's being brought onto a modern day console, I can only hope there are more scenarios detailing Sherry after Resident evil 2.

Apprentley Leon has a scenario in south america (reasons unknown) perhaps they will pair him up with Carlos for that one? Carlos is south American and it would give the character a new story

It is awsome to see Sherry again and not so low rezed. Is she a playable character in DC as well? --MaximumLuger

Well, not that I'll play the Resident Evil series or anything (they're not my style of games), but they would need to explain Krauser and Leon's past (All we know is that they were training buddies up until some sort of helecopter accident, which it is unknown if he had actually faked it or if he was near death, but was saved by someone.). I mean, if they are going to create a character with relations to the main protagonist and the main antagonist, at least give a decent enough backstory.

The only playable characters playable in that scenario are Leon and Claire. The side characters Ada and Sherry are not playable, though it can be presumed that Ada will provide support as an NPC, unlike Sherry who will most probably remain defenseless.


I agree with you but why not add G.--Flaming skull of heaven 21:41, 12 April 2009 (UTC)flaming skull of heaven

A Wild Guess

I know the timeline is wrong, but I've had a theory swimming around in my head for a while. It is stated that there is a scenerio with Leon in South America during the events of CV. I know the time is wrong, but wasn't it in South America where Jack Krauser supposedly died?

Krauser "died" in 2002. The events of CV take place in 1998.

And the fact that Operation Javier occurred in 2002 also makes the surrounding back story of Krauser a bit more plausible. [User: Unknown] 21:07, 4 January 2010

Quick Question

Alright, I have a quick question: What is the name of the monster in the second Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles trailer that appears at 2:14 to 2:16. I can't find it in the creature database and I have no idea which game it is in? Anyone know what it is?

It's a G-creature. Determinining from its body structure, a second generation of the embryos William Birkin impregnated people with.-- Forerunner 06:45, 6 May 2009 (UTC)

Image Help

I have an image here for the mystery character inclusion to the game.Could someone upload it for the article? It seems impossible on my laptop.

AzureSN 20:58, 19 August 2009 (UTC) - It is a really large image though, seems no-one has a smaller one RobbieNewton1 21:34, 19 August 2009 (UTC)

Does that look like an older Sherry to anyone besides me? Byakuya Truelight 09:15, 22 August 2009 (UTC)

She does. However, Capcom said she is a brand-new character, which destroys that idea.-- Forerunner 14:36, 22 August 2009 (UTC)
Maybe it's Sherry's long lost twin sister, Sheryl Birkin. Byakuya Truelight 17:56, 23 August 2009 (UTC)

Chapter Spoilers

First off, I'm new here so I don't really know your criteria regarding new information and stuff.

I supposse all of you are aware of the chapter spoilers Gamefaqs released some time ago. According to it Ada Wong, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine AND a grown up Sherry Birkin would be playable characters in the last chapters of the game. As you haven't included this info on the article, does it mean the chapter list was fake? How reliable is this information? I just wanted to ask before I made any mistake adding it to the article or something. Thanks

(Just in case someone hasn't seen it I copy-paste the list here):

"Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Character & Chapter Spoilers

Warning, these Spoilers contain much unreleased information regarding the story and events that take place during the game.

Segments: Sections of the game will no longer be labeled as Chapters X-X. Instead of being labeled “Chapters” they will now be divided in chronological order, according to the time the events took place complemented with a brief description, such as the setting or the plot summary. For example, what would be considered Chapter 1 is now named, “October 1998, Raccoon City ” and another Chapter, “Antartic Facility, December 1998” And so forth and so on.

Characters: All of the series’ main characters will make a return in some way, and the majority will be playable. However, players will experience controlling Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield & Ada Wong for the majority of the game. There are also other non-main characters who will be playable as well.

Timeline: The Game Spans from the year September 1998 to June 2009. There is actually a few “follow up” segments to the events that took place in Resident Evil 5. Here’s a list of the chapters in the order they will be played, supplemented with the playable characters for each chapter(s).

- Raccoon City, October 1998 - 2 Chapters Playable Characters: Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield & Ada Wong

- Raccoon Ruins, September 1998 2 Chapter Playable Characters: Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield & Sherry Birkin

- Rockfort Island, December 1998 2 Chapters Playable Characters: Claire Redfield & Steve Bunside

- The Capital, December 1998 2 Chapter Playable Characters: Leon

- Antartic Facility, December 1998 - Sub Chapter (Legacy Forgotten) reference to the infamous Ashford Family. 2 Chapters Playable Characters: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield & Steve Burnside

- South America, July 2002 2 Chapters Playable Characters: Leon Kennedy & Jack Krauser

- Umbrella, A New Beginning, February 2003 & 2004 3 Chapters Playabe Character : Ada Wong

- The Beginning of the End, August 2006 2 Chapters Playable Character: Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine

- June 2009, Former Wishes - The Final Chapter. 2 Chapters Playable Character: Sherry Birkin"

Ya, a random post on GameFaq is not reliable -at all- and should not be added to the article until an official confirmation is given.

wtf? no steve ressurrection level?---- LukeDavis93 04:07, September 26, 2009 (UTC)

The titles and playable characters don't indicate Steve won't be brought back. We need to wait for the game itself to come. There's always at least one more detail we can't find outside playing the actual game. Also, any news on what level Wesker will be in? Mateo22 Wesker TRICELL id cardMy card...

Having a guess with Samurai Edge handgun...

Could it be possible that they got them in the weapon locker in STARS Room in Racoon City Police Department?00M00

New Enemies

Do I see some new big monsters in the Final trailer that I uploaded earlier? Looks like a massive Snake based (or possibly a massive Chimera) enemy near the end, seeming to be in the Javier scenario. Also, please find scattered around the wiki various screencaps I got from it, Alexia's transformation is absolutely amazing. RobbieNewton1 18:16, November 5, 2009 (UTC)

Beretta 93R

On the "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles" page, it states that the Beretta 93R is in the game. Although it was featured in CODE: Veronica, I have yet to find it available or even see it in Darkside. Has anyone encountered it?

Take notice at the bottom of the screen when you reload, when playing as Claire in Game of Oblivion. She uses the 93R as her Handgun in that scenario, as it was the handgun she found in Code Veronica. Much in the same way Steve uses a (single) Gold Luger as his Handgun in the same scenario, as it was the only handgun he used in the original game (albeit originally as a pair). Iudicium 04:23, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

Browning HP in both chapters. Although its not canon with the orginal storyline, she is clearly using the HP in the Darkside Chronicles.

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