Great News Because Resident outbreak was the two first games and the only ones that i really enjoy playing online, those two were classified. But yet i really don't know why they had poor rating, very absurd, peopple don't know great games. I strongly agree for a third part (outebreak file #3), in order to achieve that number one success.


why do we have this page nothing on it confrmed?


This thing has become a heavy speculation zone. I'm pretty sure these characters are just the hacked templates for the Zombies. Why else would they share the same skins? I doubt they'd be actual playable characters as it would leave a gap on how the hell they'd become zombies, be killed... then be alive and uninfected.Forerunner 12:42, 19 November 2008 (UTC)


These are actual playable characters by definition as they are playable both in the outbreak games themselves and the online modes within them.This is confirmed by their physical structures and their ability to be played with making them as suitable for inclusion as any of the other unlockable characters within the series. Also It is stated that the allusion to their presence in Outbreak File 3 is merely based on speculation. This page therefore should be included because it relates to actual named individuals in the Resident evil universe, with some of them even making notable appearences in the various scenarios within the outbreak franchise.

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