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Talking to yourself? 2 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil.


The original script is based on as it appeared in the 2002 GameCube title.[1] Any changes made in the 2015 Japanese dub will be listed separately.

Barry Burton: Jill!

Jill Valentine: Barry, I heard someone talking...

Barry: Oh... heard...
I think age is starting to take its toll... Talking to myself is becoming a bad

Jill: Talking to yourself? You all right? What’s gotten into you?

Barry: I’m getting you worried, aren’t I? But don’t be worried.
I guess this creepy mansion has gotten on my nerves... Anyway, I think I’ll go outside and get some fresh air for a change...
Don’t worry. Just going to get some fresh air. If I’m lucky I’ll get to waste some monsters along the way...

Barry Burton: "ジル!"

Jill Valentine: "バリー    今話し声が…"

Barry: "聞かれちまったか"

Jill: "独り言ですって?"

Barry: "心配かけちまったな"



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