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Tall Oaks was a city in the United States, with a population numbering roughly 77,000.[note 1] It was the focus of a bioterrorist attack orchestrated by the National Security Adviser, Derek C. Simmons.


What is now the Tall Oaks outskirts was the site of a Native American nation who frequented or exclusively inhabited the caverns. These caverns were the site of meetings and rituals, but were abandoned for unknown reasons prior to the 17th century.[1] These caverns were discovered in the early 17th century by English colonists, who settled Tall Oaks nearby, and the Tall Oaks Church was built over an entrance to the caves to keep them secret.[1][2] The town itself got its name from the tall oak trees which populated the northeastern coastal forest when the settlement was made.[excerpt 1] Over the course of British America and the succeeding United States' existence Tall Oaks remained small but well developed, with the city itself reaching a population of some 77,000 by 2013. In spite of this it had a well developed subway system and hosted Ivy University.

In June 2013 Tall Oaks was hit by an outbreak of C-Virus, deliberately triggered by a rogue element within the United States government as a pretext for both the assassination of President Adam Bedford and the destruction of any evidence in a follow-up military strike on the city to contain it.[3] The virus did not spread through typical fluid contact like t-Virus, but instead as an airborne contaminant released as particulates by Lepotica. Within hours the estimated spread had accounted for a casualty rate of 90%, climbing to near total by the following morning.


Tall Oaks subway map

A map of the city.

It is known that Tall Oaks was close to a river and possibly a stretch of coastline on its south side, while the northern outskirts near Tall Oaks Church reached into mountainous terrain. Ivy University occupied a central location in the city as its own landmark.[excerpt 2]

The city planning was well thought-out, with a wide array of stores from gun shops to cafes neatly lined out around the subway stations.[excerpt 3]

  • Tall Oaks Station
  • Modern Red
  • Sizemore Park
  • After Hours
  • STAGLA Gas Station
  • Berke's Gunshop
  • Forest Cemetery
  • Tall Oaks Church


The city demonstrated a sizable subway system.



  1. Based on 70,000 being ninety percent of the city's population, the full 100% would be 77,000
  1. Exerpt from CLUB96 article:
    With the name of the tall Oak tree, it is a city in the northeastern part of the United States. (高い樫の木という名を持つ、アメリカの北東部の都市。 Takai kashi no ki to iu na o motsu, Amerika no hokutō-bu no toshi.?)
  2. Exerpt from CLUB96 article:
    Ivy University is in the city centre, where many students pass through. (街の中心にはアイヴィ大学があり、多くの学生たちが通っていた。 Machi no chūshin ni wa aivu~i daigaku ga ari, ōku no gakusei-tachi ga tōtte ita.?)
  3. Exerpt from CLUB96 article:
    In addition, lined around the subway station are cafes and gun shops, gas stations and stores. Peacefull life had been practiced. (また、地下鉄の駅周辺にはカフェやガンショップ、ガソリンスタンドなどの店舗が立ち並び、平和な暮らしが営まれていた。 Mata, chikatetsu no eki shūhen ni wa kafe ya gan shoppu, gasorinsutando nado no tenpo ga tachinarabi, heiwana kurashi ga itonama rete ita.?)
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