Tall Oaks Cathedral (トールオークス教会 Tōruōkusu kyōkai?) in the original script, is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is played during Chapter 2 of Leon's Story.


As the two agents made it to the Tall Oaks Cathedral, Leon try to close the door as the zombie struggles. Helena shoots the zombie and Leon finally close the door. They arrived in the Church as the people thinks that the two U.S. agents are rescue workers. But they are not as Leon commits. However, Helena pointed the secret door by alter in the underground. They can find a way to open it.


Man: "Are you...?"
Leon S. Kennedy: "Sorry, guys. We're not rescue workers."
Helena Harper: "There's a secret door by the altar that leads underground, but we need to find a way to open it."
Leon: "You wanna tell me what's down there?"
Helena: "It's better if I show you."

Man: 「あんたらは…?」
Leon S. Kennedy: 「すまない」
「俺たちは    救助の人間じゃない」
Helena Harper: 「祭壇の下に地下へ通じる秘密の扉がある」
Leon: 「そこにおまえの言うnbsp;   真実があるのか?」
Helena: 「…そうね」




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