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Tall Oaks Church[note 1] was a place of worship in the American town of Tall Oaks.


Tall Oaks Church is designed as a Catholic place of worship. This can be seen by its use of the Virgin Mary in puzzles; its use of stained-glass windows showing saints' faces, and its use of a Confessional - all three are either reluctantly used or totally unused by Protestant denominations. The Church's exterior is designed in a cross shape, which is a traditional shape employed by Catholic and Episcopalian groups.


After Leon S. Kennedy was forced to kill an infected U.S. President Adam Benford, agent Helena Harper brought Leon to the cathedral to find a lead that could help explain what caused the viral outbreak.[1]

While there, they discovered a group of people waiting for the government to send help. Unable to go outside due to the storm and zombies in the graveyard, the people there refused to open the door to Leon and Helena until the zombies were fought off. Finally let in, the duo is forced to go through a number of puzzles to open the catacombs underneath the church. When the doors to the catacombs were opened, a Lepotica was released - a booby trap should anyone discover the secret. The creature infected most of the people before finally being killed.

Derek C. Simmons's Family was revealed to have built the church and the most recent addition to the cathedral is shown to be an underground facility where various experiments were done on the C-Virus and B.O.Ws. The church and the graveyard surrounding it was destroyed during the airstrike.


  • In Leon's campaign, at the end of the hall with cocoons in incubation, there is a giant one behind a metal screen. It is later gone in Ada's campaign, suggesting it was either taken away by Neo-Umbrella operatives because it housed HAOS, in an early stage, or it contained the two Napad that attacked her.
  • Given the zombie researchers and the corpse of a second Lepotica, there was either a systems malfunction that allowed it to escape captivity or Simmons had simply wished to sever all ties to the facility and cover up his tracks by silencing anyone who could implicate him in bio-terrorism crimes.


  1. A literal translation of the Japanese script for Resident Evil 6 reveals the name to be "Tall Oaks Church" (教会 ). In Japanese, the word taiseidō ("大聖堂 "?) is the way of writing "Cathedral".
  1. Official CAPCOM video: Resident Evil 6 - Leon Gameplay - Part 1 (HD) (PEGI)
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