Prime universe
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Tall Oaks Station was a subway station in the city of Tall Oaks. The subway was affected by the Tall Oaks outbreak and was decimated with the rest of the city on June 29, 2013.


During the C-Virus outbreak in Tall Oaks, the gas had spread to the subway and infected passengers on the trains.[Notes 1] The few remaining survivors were then pitted against hordes of zombies.

D.S.O. agent Leon Scott Kennedy and Secret Service agent Helena Harper made their way into the sewers and adjacent subway after escaping from the Ivy University campus. When they investigated the tunnels, the pair found that the subway had been overrun by the virus. Runaway trains were speeding through the tunnels with no one at the controls, the tunnels were beginning to flood and take damage, and zombies were roaming the tracks and crawlspaces claiming any remaining survivors. Once at the Tall Oaks Station, Leon and Helena helped a female passenger escape from a train, only to witness her death moments later when a group of zombies from the street level attacked her.

Subway Map

The subway system in Tall Oaks runs on several different lines. The Red Line passes through Tall Oaks Station as well as other key landmarks of the city:

Red Line stops
  • Tall Oaks Station (Ohman Street, Sizemore Street, Carp Street, Lackey Street, and Tall Oaks Street)
  • Sizemore Park
  • Ohman Street
  • Tall Oaks Cathedral


Further Notes

  • Although only four of the Red Line stops are shown in detail, it is likely that the other lines have stops at Ivy University and the Tall Oaks Zoo (seen advertised in the trains).
  • There are two advertisements in the train cars for Colombian Roastmasters. This is in reference to another Capcom series, Dead Rising, where Colombian Roastmasters is a recurring café chain.



  1. Several passengers seen on the trains are pale and unconscious in their seats. This is one of the symptoms of those infected by the Lepotica.
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