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Talos Project Proposal, known as "Tyrant Plan" (テイロス計画 Teirosu keikaku?) in the original script, is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


The file is recovered in "Umbrella's End 1".


Next-Generation B.O.W. Proposal

Arklay B.O.W. Research Team

The success of the T-002 Tyrant experiment has shown us that progress towards a marketable humanoid B.O.W. is moving along nicely.

However, we must strive to continue the research and development of cutting-edge products to satisfy the varying needs of our clients.

The plan our team proposes is as follows.

1) Tuning Control Synapse Connector

The current risk with deployment of T-virus based weaponry is the lack of control.

Sudden cellular mutations can result in the halting of functionality, impairment of judgment, and the various other conditions reported in the past. In order to enable the safe transport and deployment of this weaponry, a more stable solution is essential.

Our 6th Research Lab in Europe has discovered one method of control by using organic parasites.

We would like to pursue a more consistent result by using chip connections to brain cells. We are in the final stages of testing and feel confident in the likelihood of product realization.

2) Enhancement of Combat Functionality for Land-Based Weaponry

The Tyrant boasts a combat prowess and survivability that far surpasses that of even the best-trained combat troops. However, it is still only theoretically capable of successfully deterring one military division. When facing AFVs or military-grade helicopters, its kill ratio begins to falter.

By arming the Tyrant with specialized combat firepower and armor, it will become more fit for the variety of situations it is likely to face in the field.

In the past, the ideal has been to leave the Tyrant unhindered by additional equipment so that it can maximise its two strong points - motor performance and response reflexes.

However, the use of enhanced armor modules, internal reinforcement implants, long-distance homing weaponry, etc. could preserve the natural abilities of the Tyrant while maximizing its options in field maneuvers.

The potential for this enhancement is fast becoming a reality. When complete, it could make the Tyrant the ultimate all-in-one combat package.

Talos Plan

Next-generation biological weapons proposal - Arklay biological weapons research team

With the success of the T-002 Model Tyrant at Arklay, it can be said that the point of arrival at regularized human-type B.O.W. products has been reached.

But the needs of clients are diverse; we must always develop in anticipation of the next generation.

Our team's proposal plan is as follows.

By control tuning synapse connect (brain connections)

The risk of existing t-Virus weapons is instability of control.

Cease of functionality due to cellular mutation and decline of intelligence have been reported as among a number of not uncommon examples of causing unforseen circumstances on the subect.

In order to increase the reliability and stability of management as a weapon, these will be subjects to improvements.

The European Branch's Sixth Laboratory is aiming to control with parasites.
It seems to be one of the most useful remedies, but as our team emphasises on the reliability of program chip connections to brain cells, a management control method is recommended.

Currently, experiments are applied to the final stage; prospect of practical use is standing.

Strengthening of combat power as land-warfare weapons.

The Tyrant's combat powered is unparalleled as a terrestrial organism boasting its viability against strictly-virtual soldiers at approximately one Infantry Division at most.

If subjected to AFVs (Armored Fighting Vehicles) and combat helicopters, it can not in any way be expected to have an overwhelming kill ratio.

Therefore, we propose a solution where the Tyrant is allowed to carry special firearms and be armored.
Originally, in order to make the most of the reaction power and athletic ability, it was standard operating policy of Tyrants that they do not have extra associated objects.


次世代生物兵器の提案 アークレイ生物兵器研究チーム