"A miniature old tank is placed on the base."
— Item examination - English
"台座の上に古い戦車のミニチュアが載せられている "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Tank Object (戦車の置物 sensha no okimono?) is a key item in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. It appears as a miniature model of a Tiger II tank.


The item could only be accessed through a door with no door knob near the biology experimental room. This tank was part of the diorama of the Military Training Center that was inside the model exhibition room. When Chris Redfield put the Tank Object in its hole in the diorama, the picture of the room in the other side moved, and he received the Turn Table Key and the Secret Passage Note.


It is found inside of the garage of the training facility. In the northwest side of its second floor.



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