"A portable tape recorder. A patient's diagnosis is recorded onto here."
— Item examination - English
"携帯用のテープレコーダーだ 患者の診断結果が録音されている "
— Item examination - Japanese

Tape Recorder (テープレコーダー tēpurekōdā?) is a key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


Hospitals such as Raccoon General use tape recorders for other doctors to quickly understand a patients problem without having to see charts or see the patient.

Carlos Oliveira used a tape recorded message of a doctor's report to reactivate the north Elevator, that is locked by the message lock.

Checking the elevator's panel first time, Carlos can read the message: "A voice recognition lock. Will you push the microphone button?".

After pushing the button, the system requests: "Please enter your voice.". After that, the Tape Recorder can be used. After this, the access to the elevator will be granted.

This item disappears from the inventory after using it.

The message is as follows:

"There also appears to be a slight fracture in his right arm just below the elbow. However...(rest of recording is cut)"
Tape Recorder - Doctor's report


Carlos Oliveira can find the recorder at the Doctors' station.




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