Target Practice is a file in Resident Evil 4.


It is given to the player when they enter and talk to the Merchant in any of the Shooter Range areas. The first one accessible is at the end of Chapter 3-1.


- Game Rules -
1. Receive prizes by scoring above 1,000 points.

2. Bonus points will be awarded for headshots.

- Game Rules - (cont'd)
3. A high-scoring Salazar target may appear with successive hits.

4. Shooting an Ashley target will deduct points.

- Prizes -
1. 1 bottle cap will be awarded for every 1,000 points scored.

2. Special bottle caps will be awarded by either shooting all the wooden targets except Ashley or scoring above 3,500 points.

- Prizes - (cont'd)
3. There are 24 bottle caps in all. Each time you enter a new Shooting Range, 6 new bottle caps will become available.

- Special Bonuses -
1. Each time you complete a row on the collector's base, you'll earn bonus points!

2. There are a total of 4 rows. You have 4 bonus chances!

Note: Bottle cap collections can be viewed in the Key/Treasures screen.


"1" 的を撃って1000点以上で景品がもらえる。

"2" 頭を撃つと高得点。

"3" 連続で的を撃つと、高得点のサラザールが出現する事もある。

"4" ただし、 アシュリーを撃つと減点なので注意が必要。


"1" 1000点ごとにボトルキャップ1個進呈。

"2" 3500点以上かノーミスだとSPボトルキャップがもらえる!

"3" ボトルキャップは全24種あり、 新しい射的部屋を見つけるごとに6種ずつ増える。


"1" コレクションの並びが一列そろうごとに、 高額の現金贈呈!

"2" 台座には4列まで並ぶので、 ボーナスチャンスは4回!

※コレクションは鍵・宝画面の、 ボトルキャップを調べると見る事ができる。


The note explains how the Target Practice mini-game works and what the player can win.




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