Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)


Tatchi (simplified Chinese: 达芝; traditional Chinese: 達芝; Pinyin: dá zhī) is a district in the Chinese coastal city of Lanshiang. Tatchi lies to the north of the Kwanwing River, and is adjacent to Kaumon (九門) and Poklam (博林), which are to the north east. At the end of the river is Yuenmon, the site of a naval port.


During the 2013 bioterror attacks, Tatchi was relatively-unscathed from the J'avo violence which engulfed Waiyip. However, this was planned by Neo Umbrella's Carla Radames, who wanted the totality of Tatchi to be engulfed by a cloud of C-Virus and transform into zombies.


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