Tatsuya Minami (三並 達也 Minami Tatsuya?) is Japanese video game producer formerly affiliated with Capcom Production Studio 3 during its 1999-2005 existence. He left Capcom in 2006 to found his own studio, which later merged with PlatinumGames Inc. which Atsuhi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya also work for. After his resignation from PlatinumGames in 2016, he founded his own company M-Two Inc.[1]


Minami co-produced the Sega Saturn port of Resident Evil alongside Katsuhiro Hasegawa.[2] Minami was later the producer for 2000's Resident Evil Survivor,[3] later followed by 2002's Resident Evil 0 [4] and Resident Evil: Dead Aim.[5] Minami founded M-Two Inc. in 2017, with the intention of providing developmental assistance to small scale Capcom projects. However, it was not before long that Capcom offered Minami and his company the opportunity to co-develop the ambitious Remake of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and Minami spent approx. 3 years working on this project, being joined in this endeavour by Kiyohiko Sakata's REDWORKS Inc. and Capcom's subsidiary K2 Co., Ltd. [6][7]

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