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"Service you can TRUST"

Taxago as seen in the Resident Evil 2 intro

Taxago is a national gas station chain that served the Raccoon City area. It also sold branded detergent-based motor oil and jerry cans of gasoline.

On September 29th, 1998, a truck driver unaware of the citywide outbreak was attacked by a Zombie at a Taxago station on the outskirts of town. The Taxago logo can be seen on the pumps and on a large sign near the road when the truck starts moving.[1]

Further notes[]

  • The name "Taxago" and its logo is a reference to real-life gas station Texaco, As such, the letters on the gas station itself mistakenly reads "Texago" contrary to the logo featured elsewhere.
  • Taxago is replaced with the Mizoil Gas Station in the 2019 remake, however Taxago still appears in the form of a sponsorship on the Elza Walker costume.