"Teaming Up" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1] The scene plays directly after Perfect Aim.


Billy Coen, after witnessing alongside Rebecca Chambers, the mysterious singing figure, wonders who he is. Before they could ponder it much further, they then fell a jolt and slightly lose balance. Rebecca is baffled by the train starting to move on its own, and wonders who is controlling it. Billy then suggests that Rebecca go check out the first engine car. Rebecca then moves, but then Billy tells her to listen to him first: From this point forward, they must cooperate with each other if they are to survive. Rebecca is about to refuse, but then Billy tells her to think things through, unless she wants to become a target to the leeches again. Rebecca agrees, although she warns Billy that if he attempts to double-cross her or does anything suspicious, she will shoot him. Billy agrees to the stipulations, and then tosses her some handgun ammo, as well as tells her to contact him if she finds anything.


BILLY: Who is that guy?

REBECCA: What's going on? Who's controlling the train?

BILLY: Go and check out the first engine car.

Listen! We gotta cooperate with each other from now on. You got that?

REBECCA: Well, I don't--

BILLY: Clue in, girl! Or maybe you like being worm bait.

REBECCA: Alright. But you just remember, I will shoot you if you try anything funny!

BILLY: Fine. Now, take these with you.

If you find anything, give me a call. Alright?

<poem> ビリー: なんだ? あの野郎は! レベッカ: 動き出した… 誰が運転を? ビリー: 調べた方がよさそうだな… 待て! 俺と協力するんだ いいな!? レベッカ: けど 私… ビリー: 分かんねえ女だな! さっきのヤツに殺られちまうぞ!? レベッカ: 分かったわ でも おかしな真似をしたら撃つから ビリー: それでいい これを持っていけ 無線で連絡をとりあうんだ いいな?


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