"It seems to have been fitted with a polarizing filter. The dirt on it makes it hard to see through."
— Dirty Telescope Inventory description
"It seems to have been fitted with a polarizing filter."
— Telescope Inventory description

Dirty Telescope (汚れた望遠鏡 kegareta bōenkyō?) also known as the Telescope (望遠鏡 bōenkyō?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


It is first obtained as the "Dirty Telescope", providing an obscured view if used as is. Players can equip it while being soaked by the shower mechanism meant to extinguish the lit candle to clean it up, thereby granting them clear view through the scope. It allows the player to see certain ciphers on the television screens used to unlock a nearby padlocked box concealing the Straw Doll.


It is located at the toilet in the Party Room.



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