Tell me what I need to know is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire A scenario. There are two ways of this cutscene to play out depending on how quickly the player gets to Annette. If the player is quick enough, they can see Birkin jumping off-screen.


Annette Birkin: "W-William is still alive. He's getting stronger with each skin he cast off. Sh-Sherry..."

Claire Redfield: "Tell me what I need to know! How can I save Sherry?"

Annette: "I have detailed information... Everything you need to know to prepare the antidote is right here."
"Save my daughter... A-and tell her I'm sorry I wasn't a better mother... Tell her I love her... Shery..."

Claire: "Annette!"

Computer: "The self-destruct sequence has been activated! Repeat: the self-destruct sequence has been activated! This sequence may not be aborted! All employees proceed to the emergency car at the bottom platform!"

Annette Birkin:「ウィリアムが生きてる 彼は更に強く成長してるわ シェリー・・・」

Claire Redfield:「お願い 教えて! どうすればシェリーを?」

Annette:「このファイルを・・・ Gの抗体の作り方が書いてあるわ」
「娘を助けて・・・ そして悪いママだったけど― 愛してたと伝えて」


Computer:「爆破装置が作動しました 繰り返します 爆破装置が作動しました 停止する事は出来ません 研究員は最下層のプラットフォームから非常車両で脱出して下さい」


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