Editors will use one or more of the following templates: {{vgrelease}}, {{ESRB}}, {{PEGI}}, {{CERO}}, and {{vgratings}}.

All dates should use the format Day Month Year (e.g. 5 November 2018).

Unless noted otherwise, all list items should be separated with a <br/>.

Usage & preview

Type in this:

{{Infobox video game
|title= (default is PAGENAME)
|image= Image.ext or <gallery>...</gallery> (default is PAGENAME)
|developer= developer or '''platform'''<br/>developer
|publisher= publisher or '''platform'''<br/>{{vgrelease|locale=publisher|undefined-locale|publisher}} (only one template per platform)
|genre= genre, genre
|modes= mode, mode
|released= date or '''platform'''<br/>{{vgrelease|locale=date|undefined-locale|date}} (only one template per platform)
|latest release version=
|latest release date=
|latest preview version=
|latest preview date=
|PEGI= {{PEGI|18|descriptor=y}}
|ACB= {{ACB|MA15+}}
|ratings= {{vgratings|org=rating|undefined-org|rating) (see Template:Vgrtings for list of orgs)

to see this:

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