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Example Usage

Default usage:

{{Walkthrough|Resident Evil 5}}

Alternate #1

{{Walkthrough|Resident Evil Zero|chapters=no}}

Alternate #3

{{Walkthrough|Resident Evil: Revelations 2|chapters=no|episodes=yes}}

Alternate 4# for games (old games) without chapters, trading cards, achievements, etc..

{{Walkthrough|Resident Evil Outbreak|Outbreak scenarios|chapters=no|awards=no|steam=no|dlc=no|scenarios=yes}}

Alternate #5

{{Walkthrough|Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles|chapters=no|levels=yes|dlc=no|steam=no}}
  • Resident Evil 5 is the first variable and is used for other links, so the name has to be exact as the main page name in other related pages.
  • Second variable is the link to the category of the chapters/episodes/missions/etc...
  • Third variable (for now) links to the Steam trading card pages. (Deprecated)
  • This template was created by User:Mrox2, do not steal or I'll whip your ass and sue you :)
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