The Temple (聖堂 Seidō?)[1] is a room located near the center of The Castle.


The room is only partly accessible at first, with a Merchant and a door to the Shooting Range residing in the area. Once the room is accessed through the door on the second floor, a ladder will appear connecting the two areas as well as giving access to a lever that well open a gate between the areas.


At first there is no way to explore most of the second floor, as the gate there is locked, and the lever to unlock it is initially inaccessible. A merchant, door to the shooting range, and Typewriter can be found the first time here. To progress, Leon and Ashley should simply walk forward until they trigger a cutscene. Ashley will cough up blood and run from Leon, becoming captured in a trap in the wall at the far end of the corridor.

Leon receives a taunting transmission from Ramon Salazar and then must progress through the Underground waterway.

After progressing through the waterway, Leon will find himself back in this room on the second floor; which he could not previously access. Many Cultists can be seen worshiping some kind of relic. Additionally, a ladder now exists to allow Leon to climb back on the second floor any time, even before the gates are unlocked.

Eleven Cultists will appear, ten with black cloaks and one with a red cloak. The black cloaks all drop Spinels when killed, while the red cloak will drop an Illuminados Pendant worth 12000 pesetas. Once alerted to Leon's location they will run towards the narrow corridor. Once either a certain time has been met or Leon gets to close to said corridor, a door will shut that cannot be opened from that side. If the player wants to kill all of the Cultists to get the treasure, using the Hand Grenade found in a chest on the first floor is the best option. The black-cloaked Cultists have lowered health and will be killed by the grenade, while the red-cloaked will fall to the ground giving Leon enough time to run to the door and seal it in order to finish off the Cultist for the pendant.

Leon can swing from the chandeliers on the top floor to pull the lever to open the gates, allowing easy access to that area. The merchant is now on the second floor past the gate.


Location Action Localization Original script
The closed cabinet OPEN (view of doors opening)
The wall that traps Ashley CHECK Ashley's on the other side. I'd better find another route quick.
The iron bars CHECK (locked sound) It looks like it only opens from the other side.

Further Notes

  • Note that if the Merchant was killed on the first visit, he will not respawn when his location is moved up the stairs.




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