Temporary shelter is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak.


Hiding in a refugee shelter at midnight on 1 October, Dr. George Hamilton reads the notes on the wall from people searching for loved ones. He spots a letter addressed to him, from an acquaintance working at Raccoon University. The man, Dr. Peter Jenkins, claims to have information about the virus.


George Hamilton: "This place, too..."

Peter Jenkins (soliloquy): "Dear George"
"I have vital information about the current city crisis which only you will understand."
"I'm waiting at the University"
"Please contact me as soon as possible."
"Peter Jenkins"

George: "This is ..."
"Raccoon University...Why there?"

George Hamilton: "ここもすでに…"

Peter Jenkins (soliloquy): "ジョージへ"

George: "これは…"



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