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"Because 'Terr' doesn't have to end with 'orist.'"
— 2011 motto

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TerraSave (テラセイブ?) is a multi-national non-governmental human rights agency introduced in Resident Evil: Degeneration. Claire Redfield happens to be one of the prominent members of TerraSave, along with Curtis Miller.


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Its primary functions are to provide aid, both through supplies and manpower, during bioterrorism and medical-related incidents, monitoring medication distribution, ensuring safe drug development and research facilities, in addition to organizing mass protests against corporations and governments.[1] Its members have overwhelming political and public support. Much of the organization's other functions are unknown; however, it is known to be linked to several government-related organizations (e.g., the U.N. World Health Organization, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, etc.) Additionally, TerraSave took in children who were orphaned by Bio-Terrorism as its wards.


TerraSave was formed as a result of 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, when it became clear that governments and corporations covered up man-made disasters in efforts to gain profits.[1]

Terragrigia Panic (2004)

Many Terrasave agents were present at the site of the outbreak before its eventual destruction. Among those deployed were Gina Foley and Neil Fisher, the latter of which rescued Natalia Korda, then a 3-year-old child, after her parents had died.

WP Corporation scandal (2005)

TerraSave originally came into conflict with WP Corporation when one of its activists, Dr. Curtis Miller, was publicly arrested following heated allegations of the WP Corporation conducting illegal experiments. Because there was no proof at the time, TerraSave officially disassociated itself from Miller. Later, however, TerraSave found photos of the WP Corporation's latest human test subjects; the result of their clinical tests on humans conducted in India. All of the victims had been exposed to the t-Virus. As a result, TerraSave demanded that the WP Corporation immediately release the results of their tests. TerraSave's scathing accusations hurled at the WP Corporation caused the company's stock fall sharply and its public relations degraded to the point it had civilian members establishing picket lines outside its Harvardville facility and the local airport (in the hope to confront the politician Senator Ron Davis; who gave his full and questionable support to the corporation, and had arrived for a pharmaceutical conference).

Harvardville (2005)

In 2005, in an effort to save the WP Corporation, one of its employees, Frederic Downing, unleashed the virus on different areas around the world as a twisted sales pitch to General Miguel Grandé, the head of the Republic of Bajirib and a sponsor of terrorism. In India, Downing himself acted as the black market broker who supplied the virus, with the company claiming its "human testing" was really an attack made by terrorists who somehow got a hold of the virus. This would allow the WP Corporation to regain its political standing as the U.S. Government, using the covertly-developed vaccine, solving the crisis with a minimum amount of casualties. To restore its public image, Downing also unleashed the t-Virus on the Harvardville Airport, which would in turn be crushed by the U.S. Marine Corps protected by the WP Corporation's vaccine, and the outbreak itself would be blamed on Miller. Then the WP Corporation would claim the hundreds of civilian lives were lost due to TerraSave effectively backing them into a corner and forcing them to withhold the vaccine from the nearby population, making TerraSave appear to be at fault for the outbreak's casualties.

The plan would ultimately come undone when TerraSave member Claire Redfield, with the help of U.S. agent Leon S. Kennedy, exposed Downing's scheme, which resulted in the bankruptcy of the WP Corporation.

Aftermath of Penamstan Civil War (2006)

Kijuju Autonomous Zone (2009)

TerraSave agents were present in Kijuju Autonomous Zone to help the civilians after the Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident. Among those deployed were Gabriel Chavez and Pedro Fernandez, where they reportedly had to run away from the infected in the area.

HQ Attack and Fear Experiments (2011)

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In 2011, the NGO's headquarters were attacked by an unknown paramilitary force. Claire Redfield and some of her co-workers, including new hire, Moira Burton were kidnapped and taken to a deserted prison on an island. The kidnapped members are used as test subjects by a bioterrorist who is calling herself the Overseer. This was later discovered to be an act of betrayal perpetrated by TerraSave manager, Neil Fisher, who secretly held allegiance to the now defunct F.B.C. With the aid of Barry Burton and the BSAA, Claire and Moira survive the incident.

Idol Survival investigation (2014)

Following reports of suspicious activity at Sonido de Tortuga, TerraSave sent out Redfield and Inéz Diaco to investigate.

Known members