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"Are we in hell? "
— Parker Luciani, during the Terragrigia Panic.
"Yes, they call it... Terragrigia. "
— Jessica Sherawat, in response.

Terragrigia, described as a "floating city" or "aquapolis", was built in the Mediterranean Sea and destroyed in 2004 when bioterrorists attacked the city's populace.[1]


The city was constructed from scratch over an eleven-year-period; it was the first city in the world to sustain its population with solar energy, giving this city the title of the most ecological city ever.

Terragrigia Panic[]


The infamous bio-terrorist attack

In 2004, the bioterrorist organization "Il Veltro" targeted the city, opposing development due to its solar advancement and launched a bio-terrorist attack using bio-weapons descended from the former Umbrella Corporation's "Hunter" line, along with venting out a mutagenic virus into Terragrigian air space. Media around the globe dubbed this event the "Terragrigia Panic" The Federal Bioterrorism Commission (FBC) responded to the attack on Terragrigia, later claiming to have succeeded in disbanding the terrorist organization. The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) also participated in the event as an non-nation-aligned overseer.

Destruction of Terragrigia

The city was destroyed by the sunlight reflected by the satellite.

The panic ended when the city's solar energy matrix, Regia Solis, dependent on light from a reflective dish in geosynchronous orbit over the city, was programmed to reflect the full force of the sun's rays directly to it. With little atmosphere to refract it, thanks to the vertical beam from the panel, the city was heated up significantly. This can be seen in recovered footage, which shows a Hunter being incinerated in the heat and dissolve into the air. The FBC and BSAA were forced to abandon Terragrigia, letting the aquapolis to become a mere history, as with Raccoon City.

Over a year later, Terragrigia remained decimated and inaccessible; the remains of the city served as a reminder to the world of the looming threat of the biological weapons black market.

FBC agents Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat were present during the event.

Further notes[]

  • Depending on context, "Terra grigia" can mean "Gray Earth / Land / soil" in Italian.
  • Despite the T-Abyss virus being released on Terragrigia, the only B.O.W type shown in both cutscenes and gameplay on Terragrigia is the Hunter, and not even the altered Hunters mutated with T-Abyss, just regular hunters.



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