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Terri Morales was a weather girl for the Raccoon City - based TV station, Raccoon 7. Formerly a news anchor before an unspecified incident led to her dismissal, Morales intended to document the Raccoon City Incident in the hopes of earning an Emmy and regaining her lost credibility.


When the Hive was re-opened on Major Timothy Cain's orders, the T-virus was released throughout Raccoon city. The infection turned its population into the Undead and the resulting chaos created a panic among the unsuspecting citizens.

Ever the journalist, Terri used a hand-held digital video camera to record the crisis from a survivor's point of view, hoping to use the event to restart her career and win an Emmy. Terri was present at the standoff at Raven's Gate Bridge along with S.T.A.R.S. Sergeant Peyton Wells and ex-officer Jill Valentine. They later took refuge in Raven's Gate Church, where they meet its Priest and another survivor named Angus. Jill left to ensure the place was secure and discovered the priest's Undead sister, who broke free and bit her brother prompting Jill to shoot them both. Terri was frightened upon hearing the gunshots and attempted to flee the church, only to run into a horde of Zomboids at the front door. She managed to keep the door closed until Angus could bar it shut, but their attention was diverted by an inhuman growl from the ceiling. Whipping out her camera, Terri was the first to glimpse the creature (a Licker) and exclaimed in horror. Angus fled deeper into the church and was killed by the creatures, with Terri and her companions almost sure to follow. They were saved, however, by the arrival of Alice Abernathy, who swiftly killed all three Lickers.

When they left the church from the back exit, Terri loudly (bordering on hysterically) objected to the idea of walking through the church's graveyard, which was understandable given the situation but was ignored. Terri bore witness to a brief but tense standoff between Jill and Alice regarding Peyton. Seconds later, Terri's fears about the graveyard came true when the residents burst up out of their graves, one seizing Terri by the legs and dragging her down. Alice and Jill saved her before she was bitten and the group retreated from the graveyard.

Later, Charles Ashford offered Terri and her fellow survivors a way out of the city before it was destroyed via nuclear bombing; Terri, being a journalist, recognised that Umbrella would be able to engineer a cover-up to show to the public. In exchange for arranging an escape route, Charles wished for his daughter Angela to be found and rescued as well. The group, having no other options, agreed and proceeded to Raccoon City Junior School to rescue Angela.

Terri accompanied the others to Arklay Overpass, where Nemesis shot and killed Peyton Wells. Terri ran for cover and got separated from the others. She later met back up with Jill, who was attacked by a zombified Peyton. After getting a car started, they went in search of Angela and met Lloyd Jefferson Wayne, who took interest in Terri as being a local celebrity.



At Raccoon City Junior School, Terri, Jill and L.J. split up to search the school. Terri was initially reluctant to split up, and even more so when Jill offered her a gun. Proceeding into a classroom, Terri spotted a girl rocking back and forth in the corner and assumed she was Angela, only for the girl to growl at her due to being a Zomboid. Terri recoiled in shock and bumped into something. Turning around, she found herself confronted by a group of school children, reanimated by the T-virus and advancing on her. Not having the heart to shoot young children and stunned at the horrific sight, Terri was bitten on the leg by the girl and brought to the ground, screaming for help as she was overwhelmed and killed by the swarm of children.


Terri's camera, which she had dropped and had also recorded her entire demise at the hands of several zombified children, was recovered by Jill and following the destruction of Raccoon City with a nuclear device, Jill and Carlos used the tape in an attempt to expose and reveal the truth of Umbrella's criminal activities. Umbrella however used its vast government and wealth resources to discredit them, and denounced the tape as a fake.

Jill and Carlos were framed as the masterminds of a hoax designed to discredit Umbrella. Eventually, however, Umbrella's duplicity was discovered, but, by then, the truth meant nothing, since the T-virus was still released into the wild, causing the global T-virus pandemic, leading to the near-total extinction of mankind.