Terri Morales was a disgraced news reporter for the Raccoon City TV News Station "Raccoon 7".


Fall from grace

Initially Terri was a news anchorwoman for the "Raccoon 7" news network, poised for greatness and to move on to Los Angeles or Chicago for greater journalism jobs.

This was not to be, as, while doing a story on city councilman Miller, a Raccoon City official deeply steeped in corruption, Terri received a video tape from one of her street contacts; DJ McInerney, that portrayed Miller taking bribes. McInerney insisted the tape was genuine, and, combined with the fact Miller was obviously corrupt due to his appearance and demeanor, Terri aired the story without proving the tape was real.

A quick check proved the tape was a fake and, combined with McInerney fleeing town, Terri was discredited and fired from her position (ironically Miller was arrested a week later, it having been revealed his corruption was almost ridiculously deeper than mere bribery). Her career in ruins, Terri was demoted to Raccoon 7 Weather Reporter, and was left bitter at her predicament.

At the time of the Raccoon City outbreak, the Umbrella Corporation was about to approach Terri to see if she would accept a position in their Public Relations Department.

Raccoon City incident

When The Hive was re-opened on Major Timothy Cain's orders, Umbrella's most deadly bioweapon; the T-virus, was released through zombies and lickers. The infection soon washed over the city, turning its population into the undead and causing chaos.

Ever the journalist, Terri retained an Umbrella-made hand-held Digital video camera to record the crisis from a survivor's point of view (Terri retained her camera throughout the crisis; explaining she hoped to use the image to re-start her career and win an Emmy Award for her on-scene coverage of the event). Terri was present at the standoff at Raven's Gate Bridge along with S.T.A.R.S. Sergeant Peyton Wells and Ex-Officer Jill Valentine. They later took refugee in Raven's Gate Church, where they meet its priest and another survivor named Angus. It was here where Terri and the others met Alice Abernathy, who saved them from Lickers.

When they left the church from the back exit, Terri was shocked at the fact that the group decided to go through the church's graveyard. The group didn't know that the T-Virus would have leaked into the ground and reanimated the corpses. In a matter of seconds, the group were surrounded, and Terri was grabbed by the legs. Luckily, Alice and Jill saved her before she was bitten.

Later, when Charles Ashford offered Terri and her fellow survivors a way out of the city, which by this time was scheduled to be destroyed via nuclear bombing as the only way to contain the T-Virus. In exchange for arranging an escape route, Charles wished for his daughter Angela to be found and rescued as well.

Terri accompanied the others to Arklay Overpass, where Nemesis shot and killed Peyton Wells. Terri ran for cover and got separated from the others. She later met back up with Jill, who was attacked by a zombified Peyton. After getting a car started, they went in search of Angela and met Lloyd Jefferson Wayne, who took interest in Terri as being a local celebrity.


At Raccoon City Junior School, Terri, Jill and LJ split up to search the school. Later, Terri found a girl which she thought was Angela -only to find that the girl was in fact a zombie. Terri, shocked, soon found herself surrounded by the undead school children. Not having the heart to shoot young children and stunned at the horrific sight, Terri hesitated to fire and was soon overwhelmed and killed by the swarm of children.


Terri's legacy would live on, though. Terri's camera was recovered by Jill, and following the destruction of Raccoon City with a nuclear device, Jill and Carlos used the tape in an attempt to expose and reveal the truth of Umbrella's criminal activities. Umbrella however used its vast government and wealth resources to discredit them, and portray the tape as a fake. Jill and Carlos were portrayed as masterminds of a hoax designed to discredit Umbrella, with Terri as their "unwitting dupe". Eventually however, Umbrella's duplicity was discovered, but by then the truth meant nothing, since the T-Virus was able to escape Raccoon's destruction and caused the Global T-Virus Outbreak; leading to the near-total extinction of mankind.

Further Notes

  • Terri's death being recorded is a reference to the deaths of Kenneth J. Sullivan and Joseph Frost, who were recorded by their surveillance equipment as they were eaten alive.
  • Terri might have been of Hispanic nationality; her surname "Morales" is a common one in Hispanic countries. Though her actress, Sadrinne Holt is of Chinese ethnicity.
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