For the 2019 version, see The 4th Survivor (RE2 remake).

The 4th Survivor (第4の生存者 Daiyon no seizonsha?) is a minigame featured in Resident Evil 2 unlocked after completing both scenarios while getting an A rank on one of them. Unlike most minigames, this event is canon. The game involves playing as HUNK and guiding him through a short segment filled with enemies while having a limited supply of items.

The title refers to HUNK being the fourth character known to survive Raccoon City destruction.


Umbrella operative HUNK, after his unit is attacked by the mutated William Birkin, wakes up in the sewer as the only survivor soon before Raccoon City is set to be destroyed. Now in possession of the G-Virus sample, he must complete his mission by escaping with it by making his way to a helicopter.


Players are tasked with guiding HUNK from the entrance to the sewers up to the Raccoon City Police Station's helipad, and eliminating or dodging all of the threats that stand in his way. The game is timed on how long the player takes to make it to the goal; the timer is displayed on-screen starting from the DualShock Version and in all subsequent ports.

HUNK has 120HP and will have the following as his set loadout for the minigame:

Players must rely on HUNK's items, there are no other items found during the game. 

Further notes

  • The title "4th Survivor" is a thematic play on HUNK's status as Grim Reaper/ Mr. Death where the number 4 in Japanese is homophonous to death.
  • Another take on this minigame is available in the form of The Tofu Survivor.
  • The minigame's events are revisited in the chapter "The Fourth Survivor" in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
  • The music tracks used for this mode were originally made for the Laboratory area titled "Lab on Fire" and "Alarm" in BIOHAZARD 2 Prototype.
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