For the 1998 version, see The 4th Survivor (RE2).

The 4th Survivor is a Minigame present in the Resident Evil 2 remake. This mode is unlocked upon completing one characters main scenario and then also completing the unlocked alternative character scenario, but it can also be unlocked by buying it as DLC. This minigame is a reimagining of HUNK's escape from Raccoon City, with the player guiding him to the extraction point against an overwhelming horde of enemies with limited supplies.


USS operative HUNK, in the final days of the Raccoon City outbreak, has resurfaced within the cities sewer network, whilst retaining the sole sample of the G-Virus. HUNK reestablishes contact with his helicopter support, Nighthawk, and is updated on the current evacuation point, the front gates of the Raccoon City police department.

HUNK commences a daring escape, fighting and dodging hordes of monsters, ranging from dozens of zombies, large packs of infected dogs, sewer monsters and even a Tyrant. HUNK is informed while en route that the US Government is commencing a plan to destroy the city, with time running out HUNK urges Nighthawk to abandon the area to avoid death, stating 'survival is your responsibility'.

Eventually HUNK successfully reaches the gates of the RPD, and despite his earlier statement, Nighhawk is awaiting to extract HUNK, who successfully escapes the city, with his mission complete. 


Nighthawk: "This is Nighthawk. Come in, Alpha. Alpha, do you read?"

HUNK: "Nighthawk, this is Hunk from Alpha Team."

Nighthawk: "Man, I thought you were all wiped out. I've been trying to—"

HUNK: "I'm at Point K12. Need info on my extraction."

Nighthawk: "Guess there's no keeping down the Grim Reaper, huh?"

HUNK: "My extraction point!"

Nighthawk: "Relax, Mr. Reaper. I'm headed towards the front gate of R.P.D. Pick you up there."

HUNK: "Got it."

Nighthawk: "What the hell, Hunk? You're late for extraction."

HUNK: "Front door's blocked. Gotta find another way out."

Nighthawk: "Heads up, guys at the top just ordered a full clean up on Raccoon City. So move fast, or you can kiss your ass goodbye."

HUNK: "Got it."

Nighthawk: "Hunk! Time's up!"

HUNK: "Go, Nighthawk. Get out."

Nighthawk: "I'm not gonna just leave you—"

HUNK: "This is war...survival's your responsibility. "

Nighthawk: "Goddamn it..."

HUNK: "Why'd you come back?"

Nighthawk: "I wanted to meet the Grim Reaper."

Nighthawk: "こちらナイトホーク アルファ 応答しろ アルファ 聞こえるか"

HUNK: "ナイトホーク こちらアルファチーム ハンクだ"

Nighthawk: "てっきり全滅したかと思ってた ずっと捜してたんだが…"

HUNK: "K12に到着 回収地点の詳細を"

Nighthawk: "なるほど 「死神」と呼ばれるわけだ"

HUNK: "回収地点の指示を"

Nighthawk: "安心しな死神さん ラクーン市警正門に向かってる そこでピックアップだ"

HUNK: "了解"

Nighthawk: "何してるんだ ハンク 遅いじゃないか"

HUNK: "玄関が封鎖された 迂回路を探す"

Nighthawk: "気をつけろ 上の奴らがラクーンシティへの滅菌作戦を命じた 早く脱出しないと あんたも消されるぞ"

HUNK: "分かった"

Nighthawk: "ハンク! 時間がない!"

HUNK: "行け ナイトホーク 離脱しろ"

Nighthawk: "置いていくわけにはいかない"

HUNK: "ここは戦場だ 運命は自ら切り開け"

Nighthawk: "ちくしょう…"

HUNK: "なぜ戻った?"

Nighthawk: "死神に会いたくなった"


The objective of this minigame is to guide the player from the sewers to the front gates of the RPD, and either eliminating or dodging all threats in between. Many areas of the map are blocked off or overrun with large hordes of enemies, making a direct route unviable and forcing the player to journey over a longer distance. 

HUNK starts with a large array of items for his loadout:

RE2 Remake HUNK The4thSurvivor Mode Loadout
Weapon  Ammo Healing Items Other
LE 5 SMG Ammo (100) First Aid Spray Combat Knife
W-870 Shotgun Shells (6) Mixed Herb (G+R+B) Hand Grenades (3)
Lightning Hawk MAG Ammo (6) Mixed Herb (G+B) Flash Grenades (3)
MUP Mixed Herb (R+B) Large Gunpowder (2)
Yellow Gunpowder (2)

There are no other items that can be found during the minigame, thus forcing the players to rely on what they start with.


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