The African Gate (アフリカの門 Afurika no mon?) is the fourteenth level in Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps' "The Experiment" story mode.


Mission select

Beatrice Bertrand

There are plenty of rumors flying around regarding my predecessor's disapperance. But i don't care. I'm just here to finish what he started. Not gonna dig any deeper than that. You know what they say after all - curiosity killed the cat.

The lab rat has broken through to the next level of experiments. The next location as well as the route to get there is highly confidential. We'll be put to sleep and then taken there. I know what we're doing is fucked up, but I still don't have the big picture.

Loading screen

Jul. 8, 2012

This will be the last test. There will be a mutant Majini, so prepare for a hard-fought battle. You'll need your battle skills and a lot of luck.







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