The Awakening is a cutscene that plays in the final stage of Resident Evil. It plays when Jill reaches the Tyrant lab with Barry.


Jill Valentine and Barry Burton confront Captain Albert Wesker, only for Burton to turn on her. He later renegs and shoots Captain Wesker while the Tyrant (T-002 Model) is activated.


The original script is based on as it appeared in the 2002 GameCube title.[1] Any changes made in the 2015 Japanese dub will be listed separately.

Jill Valentine: "Wesker!"

Albert Wesker: "Thank you, Barry."

Jill: "Well, what do you know."

Wesker: "Oh, don’t blame Barry for everything. I hear that his better half and two lovely daughters will be in danger if he doesn’t do everything I tell him to."

Jill: "Wesker, you’re pathetic."

Wesker: "Well, you shouldn’t worry too much, dear. You’ll be free of all this anyway."

Jill: "Why eliminate S.T.A.R.S.?"

Wesker: "Believe it or not, that’s Umbrella’s intention."

Jill: "You’re just a slave of Umbrella."

Wesker: "Smart girl... but I think you misunderstand me. The things you mention are nothing. I’ll burn all of them along with this entire laboratory. Barry, go up on the ground and wait there."

Jill: "Barry!"

Wesker: "Ya gotta love Barry... he must really be afraid of Umbrella."

Jill: "You and Umbrella took his family, you bastard!"

Wesker: "Umbrella... well, I used some carrots and sticks to cow him, but it had nothing to do with Umbrella. I just used Barry for my personal interests. Though both you and Barry seemed to think I was following Umbrella’s orders."

Jill: "What? What are you planning?!"

Wesker: "I guess it’s time for show-and-tell."

Wesker: "It’s magnificent..."

Jill: "For the sake of this thing..."

Wesker: "You know, I hate goodbyes."

Jill: "Barry!"

Barry Burton: "Forgive... me..."

Jill: "No, you’re not to blame! It’s Umbrella and Wesker!"

Barry: "Even if it meant my family, I couldn’t bear turning my back on my friends again..."

Barry: "Shit!!!"

Wesker: "Jill and Barry, together... in hell!"

Barry: "You want a piece of me?"

Wesker: "What? Premature?!?"

Jill: "No! Barry! viral-cultured freak!"

Jill Valentine: 「ウェスカー」

Albert Wesker: 「よくやった    バリー」

Jill: 「やはりね」

Wesker: 「まあ    バリーを責めるな」

Jill: 「よくも人ごとのように」

Wesker: 「気にすることはない」

Jill: 「何故S.T.A.R.S.を潰そうと…」

Wesker: 「信じる必要はないが」

Jill: 「まるでアンブレラの奴隷ね」

Wesker: 「君は頭がいい」
「だが    何か勘違いをしている」
「バリー    地上で待機していろ」

Jill: 「バリー」

Wesker: 「バリーもおもしろい男だ」

Jill: 「家族を盾に取っておきながら!」

Wesker: 「アンブレラ?」

Jill: 「自分のため…? この上まだ何か!?」

Wesker: 「君にいいものを見せてやろう」

Wesker: 「実に美しい」
Jill: 「こんなもののために…」

Wesker: 「そうだ    さようならは好きではないが…」

Jill: 「バリー」

Barry Burton: 「許してくれ」

Jill: 「あなたのせいじゃ無いわ」

Barry: 「家族のためとはいえ」

Barry: 「ちくしょうぉ!」

Wesker: 「二人そろって    地獄へ行け」

Barry: 「やるなら    やってみろ!」

Wesker: 「なに!?」

Jill: 「バリー」


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