The Beginning Of Story (Claire) (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Claire rides into Raccoon City late at night. In a restaurant, she gets it to search. Meanwhile, a truck driver continues his drive into the city after being bit by a Zombie at a gas station. Claire is confronted by Zombie; who mistakenly to be a man, and the others. She began to run, and finds they cannot be downed. Getting out of restaurant, she was saved by a policeman, Leon, from another Zombie. The two drive off in a police car.


Claire Redfield: "I'm finally here."

Truck driver: "That guy's a maniac! Why'd he bite me?"

Claire: "Hello! Is anyone here?"
"Hello? Erm... hello?"
"Look... I'm sorry I bothered you, okay? Just don't come any closer! Are you listening?!"
"Wait! Don't shoot!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "Get down!"
"We can't stay out here; head to the police station: it'll be a lot safer."
"Buckle up!"

Claire: Okay!

Claire: "What's going on? I arrived in town and the whole place went insane!"

Leon: "Great! The radio is out!"

Claire: "You're a cop, right?"

Leon: "Yeah, first day on the job. Great, huh? Name's Leon Kennedy. Nice to meet you."

Claire: "Mine's Claire – Claire Redfield. I came to find my brother, Chris."

Leon: "Hey, could you open the glovebox?"

Claire: "Sure. There is a gun inside."

Leon: "Better take it with you."

Claire: "Look out!"

Leon: "You okay?"

Claire: "Still in one piece."

Leon: "Hey! That maniac's gonna ram us!"

Claire: "Leon!"

Leon: "I'm okay! Head to the station I'll meet you there."

Claire: "Okay!"

Claire Redfield:「やっと着いたわ」

Truck driver:「・・・畜生!いきなり俺のいきなり俺の腕を・・・!」

Claire:「今晚は 誰かいないの?」
「邪魔したかしら?それなら謝るわ だから来ないで!」

Leon S. Kennedy:「どけ!」
「ここは危険だ 一緒に警察署に行くぞ」





Leon:「ああ たった今 着任した所さ 俺はレオンだ よろしく」

Claire:「私はクレア レッドフィールド 兄のクリスを探してるの」




Claire: *ad-lib*



Leon:「こっちへ来るぞ! 逃げろ!」

Claire: *ad-lib*

Leon:「こっちは無事だ 警察署へ急げ 俺も行く!」



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