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The Beginning Of Story (Leon)‏‎[note 1] is the opening cutscene to Leon S. Kennedy's story in Resident Evil 2. It comes in two variations, "Leon A" and "Leon B", which only differ at the end based on which way the car swerved.


Leon drives into Raccoon City late at night. Finding a body lying in the road, he gets out to investigate. Meanwhile, a truck driver continues his drive into the city after being bit by a Zombie at a gas station. Leon is confronted by a number of Zombies; threatened by their presence, he begins firing, and finds they cannot be downed. Moving into a back-alley, he saves a red-haired woman, Claire, from another Zombie. The two drive off in a police car.


Leon S. Kennedy: "What've we got here?"

Truck driver: "That guy's a maniac! Why'd he bite me?"

Leon: "Man, what a mess! What could have done this?"
"What was that?"
"What are these things?"
"Alright, that's far enough! Don't move! Don't... move! No!"
"What's up with that guy? That was a clean hit!"
"Running out of ammo here."

Claire Redfield: "Wait! Don't shoot!"

Leon: "Get down!"
"We can't stay out here; head to the police station: it'll be a lot safer."
"Buckle up."

Claire: "Okay."

Claire: "What's going on? I arrived in town and the whole place went insane!"

Leon: "Great! The radio is out!"

Claire: "You're a cop, right?"

Leon: "Yeah, first day on the job. Great, huh? Name's Leon Kennedy. Nice to meet you."

Claire: "Mine's Claire – Claire Redfield. I came to find my brother, Chris."

Leon: "Hey, could you open the glovebox?"

Claire: "Sure. There is a gun inside."

Leon: "Better take it with you."

Claire: "Look out!"

Leon: "You okay?"

Claire: "Still in one piece."

Leon: "Hey! That maniac's gonna ram us!"

Claire: "Leon!"

Leon: "I'm okay! Head to the station I'll meet you there."

Claire: "Okay!"

Leon S. Kennedy:「人間か・・・?」

Truck driver:「・・・畜生!いきなり俺のいきなり俺の腕を・・・!」

Leon:「何て傷だ! どうしてこんな?」
「よし そこまでだ! 止まれ! 止まるんだ・・・!」
「バカな 急所だぞ?」

Claire Redfield:「撃たないで」

「ここは危険だ 一緒に警察署に行くぞ」

Claire: *ad-lib*




Leon:「ああ たった今 着任した所さ 俺はレオンだ よろしく」

Claire:「私はクレア レッドフィールド 兄のクリスを探してるの」




Claire: *ad-lib*




Claire: *ad-lib*

Leon:「こっちは無事だ 警察署へ急げ 俺も行く!」



  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.