The C-Virus (C-ウィルス C-u~irusu?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6. As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


The C-Virus will turn human hosts into creatures called J'avo. The virus mutates the host in horrific ways, and it is the latest bio-organic weapon to threaten the safety of the world.

One of its first known uses was as a health preserving drug given to mercenary soldiers in one of eastern Europe's many internecine conflicts. Following its use in Europe, many J'avo-like creatures began to turn up around the world.

The C stands for Chrysalid, as the virus will encase a human host in a cocoon-like shell before its final mutation.

BSAA researchers' first tests revealed little, and time will need to be taken in order to fully understand the new virus.
Below is a note written by one of those researchers.
The C-Virus is an RNA virus that corrodes the blood cells of the infected and causes strange insect-like mutations.
The T-Veronica virus of the Rockfort Island outbreak in 1998 may have been used as a base considering the similarity between the appearances of the mutations. At this stage, we believe that the G-Virus could have been somehow combined with the T-Veronica to create the C-Virus.

Who could have been twisted enough to want to make something like this?

体内に投与することで、人間を「ジュアヴォ」と呼ばれるB.O.W.(Bio Organic Weapon)へ変異させる新型ウィルス。これは、東欧の紛争地帯で栄養剤として配られ、投与した傭兵が次々にジュアヴォと化した事件を皮切りに、世界各地で目撃されるようになった。「C」は「Chrysalid(さなぎ)」を意味する。







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