For the 2002 remake version, see Ceiling.

This scene (occurring in Resident Evil) involves a small room in which the ceiling slowly comes down on top of the player. It is sprung by taking the shotgun from the following room, without replacing it. Once in the trap room, depending on which character you play, you shall get one of two different scenes:

With Chris Redfield, finding the Broken Shotgun located on the mansion's west side is necessary to avoid the trap. The Broken Shotgun is used to replace the shotgun after it is removed. If nothing is placed on the wall, the ceiling trap will be activated and Chris must return the shotgun or be crushed to death.

With Jill Valentine, the Broken Shotgun does not always need to be obtained. If Jill did not encounter Barry Burton after they split up in the main hallway, he will rescue Jill before she is killed by the trap. However, if Jill did encounter Barry or has already obtained Armor Key [which unlock the Broken Shotgun storage room], he will not appear and Jill must also use the Broken Shotgun to get past the trap.  


Jill Valentine: "Hey... what's going on?"

Barry Burton: "Jill? Is that you, Jill? What happened?"

Jill: "Barry? Help me, please. The door won't open. QUICK!"

Barry: "Stay away from the door, Jill. I'm gonna kick this door down."

Barry: "Hurry! This way."

Jill: "Oh, Barry."

Barry: "That was too close. You were almost a "Jill sandwich"."

Jill: "You're right. Barry, thanks for saving my life. But Barry, didn't you say you were going back to the dining room to do some research? Why on earth are you here?"

Barry: "Er... I just had something I wanted to check. Now, let's get back to searching for the lost Captain and Chris, shall we?"

Jill: "Thank you, Barry."

Barry: "Yeah, yeah..."

Jill: 「ちょっと どうなってるの!?」

Barry: 「ジルか!? どうしたんだ?」

Jill: 「バリー!? 助けてドアが開かないの!」

Barry: 「下がってろ ドアを破るぞ!」

Barry: 「急げ こっちだ!」

Jill: 「本当ね」
「でも ”食堂を調べる” って言ってたわよね」

Barry: 「気になる事があってな」

Jill: 「ありがとう バリー」


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