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Tentsu case

A case for storing D-Type bodyparts; D-Types were a creation of this manufacturer.

The Connections is a crime syndicate founded by Brandon Bailey,[1] involved in BC (Bio-Chemical) research, money laundering, murder and trafficking of weapons and drugs.


Encounter with Miranda[]

The Connections encountered Miranda and offered her their help in finding a means to resurrect her daughter Eva. Miranda, in turn, gave them some of the Mold and Eva's DNA, soon after joining The Connections' research team to help them work on creating a new bioweapon with the use of the Mold.

Weapons development[]

The Connections worked in collaboration with H.C.F. in 2000 in the creation of a revolutionary new fungus. They iterated through five lines of "subjects" capable of mind control, with each successive line given a letter-based designations. The early lines such as the A-Type had performance issues and were not considered practical; later lines improved upon their abilities and made them more practical as weapons. By 2014, the most advanced series is the E-Type.[2] Along with the series of bioweapons types, a Necrotoxin was developed for each that could destroy that type.

The goal of this organisation was to use mind control as a weapon in itself, and planned to sell their child subjects to allow the takeover of regions without the use of more traditional bioweapons which could bring socio-economic problems as well as the needs of conventional weapons like nuclear, firearms or chemical weapons as well. With the creation of the first E-Type, the E-001 (or "Eveline") in 2014, competing companies as well as other weapon manufacturers became seriously concerned of their survival in the changing market, since Eveline and other B.O.W.s like her could render all conventional weapons obsolete. A Serum made from the D-Types was also developed that would give immunization to the E-Type's mental control, and Stabilizing Compounds that would maintain Eveline's sanity and youth.

The Connections was forced to take Eveline into hiding after it learned of hostile organisations trying to obtain her. These groups were eventually revealed to be the B.S.A.A and an unidentified rival bioweapons producer. As a result, the Connections transported Eveline to another lab on the LNG carrier Annabelle, using Genome Codices to assist assigned Handlers in keeping track of her.

Baker House Incident[]

On October 5, Eveline lost control and damaged the ship causing its tanker to explode, knocking her out and causing the ship to drift into the Louisiana bayou. The organization chose to allow her to continue living there. By the beginning of January 2015, they set up a lab in the Abercrombie Salt Mine, provided Lucas Baker with the serum, and enlisted him as an agent.[3]

Lucas kept in contact with the lab, keeping them up to date with Eveline's condition while in hiding. Prior to July 2017, within the lab Lucas and staff also created new variations of the Molded, the WM-001, its offspring the WM-001a, and the WM-002.[4] It is unknown if these experiments were to create a new Series, or just to create new individual B.O.W.s.[citation needed]

On August 26, 2016, due to not getting her maintenance chemicals, E-001 (codenamed "Eveline") began rapidly aging and becoming unstable.[5] On September 1, Lucas reports it to The Connections HQ and by the 9th, the lab received a kit to make E-Necrotoxin from HQ. It was to be used if necessary but Eveline had already stabilized herself, albeit now an old woman.

On June 11, 2017, Lucas was made lead researcher of the lab staff and subsequently killed all the other researchers. HQ continued to work with Lucas who covered up the murders.[6][7]

At some point, Blue Umbrella became aware of Eveline's presence and began monitoring the Baker ranch while becoming suspicious Lucas was working with them. On July 20, 2017, Blue Umbrella neutralized both Eveline and Lucas, leaving no one left on the Baker ranch.

Kidnapping of Rose Winters[]

The Connections would later inform Mother Miranda of Rose Winters' existence.