The Drive ~ First Contact is a piece of music composed for Resident Evil 4. It appears in the biohazard4 Original Soundtrack as track 2 of the "Darkness Side" disc.

Music information

To better associate the game with Spain, The Drive ~ First Contact was composed as a flamenco score. The composer had considered adding static to highlight how it is playing on the radio, though this post-production did not take place.[1]

In-game usage

This song is played during the two-part opening cutscene to Resident Evil 4 as Leon narrates his current situation in the police car.




  1. Excerpt from, biohazard4 Soundtrack Book:
    "フラメンコ風の曲をバックに車中で地无警官との会話があり、 レオンのモノローグシーンへと続いていきます。 フラメンコは、 スペインを意識させたかったのでこんなのどうでしょう(?) と軽く書いてみたものがそのまま探用。 ほんとはもっとラジオから流れる風にエディットして欲しかったたのですがMA時に却下されてしまいました。"

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