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For the music to this cutscene, see The Ending of the Beginning (music).

"The Ending of the Beginning"[note 1] is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


Claire and Steve found the snowmobile in order to leave to the Australian research base. Meanwhile, Alfred was mortally wounded and see his sister, Alexia in her cryogenic tube. However, Alexia revives from her cryogenic sleep and awoke with the first sight of her new stage being the death of her brother (whose body she cradled in her arms) who had activated the thawing process mere moments prior. She then attack Claire and Steve with the tentacles remotely deployed and they are captured.


Claire Redfield: "We did it! We're finally out!"
Steve Burnside: "Look! There's a snowmobile over there!"
Claire: "Perfect! We'll be able to ride right over to the Australian base with this!"
Steve: "Right, let's go!"

Alfred Ashford: "I won't forget about this, Claire..."
"Alexia... You're finally...awake. A...Alexia..."

Steve: "Aah! What is that?!"

Claire Redfield: 「やったァ!」
Steve Burnside: 「見ろ!」
Claire: 「やかった!」
Steve: 「ついてるぜ!」

Alfred Ashford: 「お····おのれ…」

Steve: 「何だありゃ!?」



  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.