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For the antagonists of Resident Evil 7, see Baker family.

The Family's insignia on Simmons' ring.
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The Family is a secret fraternity which was founded sometime in the Enlightenment Period. Though heavily associated with the American political process, the Family entered the 21st century with the goal of furthering bio-weapons development and would later assist in committing acts of treason.


The Family is known in the 21st century for its globe-spanning network of lodges and its enormous financial influence. Its core belief is to maintain global stability, though this can otherwise be seen as creating a stable world best suited for the organization's needs. This policy was acted upon by taking senior civil service roles, which could make them the ears of those with considerable power.[1]



The exact year of founding is uncertain, but it was founded prior to the American Revolutionary War by members of the English Simmons family. The Family's global headquarters was based in New England, in the limestone caverns near Tall Oaks and in which could be accessed through a secret entrance at Tall Oaks Cathedral.[1] It was here where the bodies of many Family members were entombed.

Under Derek C. Simmons

When Derek C. Simmons gained control over The Family, the organization became favorable towards the use of bio-weaponry. Seeing their use in warfare as inevitable in spite of the 1972 Bio-weapons Convention, The Family began their own private research in the aftermath of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident to maintain American supremacy against rival superpowers which may have been secretly undergoing research.

When President Adam Benford, a close friend of Simmons, began serious considerations of revealing classified information around the Raccoon City incident, he became an enemy of the Family. Not only would acknowledge the American involvement in Umbrella Pharmaceuticals' bio-weapons research be politically damaging, but if footage of the US Army mission were released, it could be useful combat data to these hypothetical foreign producers. With the President now seen in their eyes as committing treason against the United States, the Family had him killed in a viral outbreak in June 2013 masquerading as a terrorist attack.

Alongside the assassination plans, Simmons gave control over the Family's enormous East Asian paramilitary to Dr. Carla Radames, a noted Family researcher. Dr. Radames, however, had developed ill feelings towards Simmons after being experimented on as part of his C-Virus Project, and used this army to commit atrocities in China. When Simmons arrived to confront her, she had him infected with an Enhanced C-Virus strain. In an act of betrayal, The Family chose to clean house by first leaving him to be killed,[2] then shooting Dr. Radames at her hideout and handing over control to a new leader.[3]

Further notes

The Japanese version of the file, "The Family" says "Simmons family" as opposed to "an ancestor to Simmons". This can be understood that the founder was a patrilineal ancestor to Derek C. Simmons, sharing the same surname.


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