The Family (ファミリー Famirī?) is a file in Resident Evil 6. As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


It can be found in Chapter 3 of Ada Story.


Derek C. Simmons is the current head of a secret organization known only as The Family. The Family was founded by one of Derek's ancestors before the United States was even founded, and its vast network of wealth and power extends throughout the globe.

The Family has been manipulating the course of human development for a long time. Their ostensible goal is to maintain stability in the world, but its true motivation lies in exploiting events to benefit its members. For now, they believe maintaining that stability is contingent upon keeping the United States at the top of the pyramid of world power.

If the truth about the U.S. government's connections to Umbrella's bioweapons program were to get out, it would destabilize the world and remove America from the top of that hierarchy of power. Derek sets into motion a plan that will launch a bioterrorist attack and assassinate the president, thus preserving The Family's designs on power and stability.

After the incident at Tall Oaks, Simmons sent The Family orders that were recorded in the data Ada had given to Leon.
The assassination was successful. Make sure to set all Lepotitsa in Tall Oaks to self destruct and prepare for Operation: Bacillus Terminate.

Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper are following me to China. They were reported dead by the FOS, but the report is false. Make sure a Lepotitsa gets on their plane so that the FOS's report doesn't go to waste.











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