Alan wakes up in the morning, still trapped in his office. While stretching, he is relieved nothing bad has happened in his sleep. Outside, he hears cars honking. Meg wakes up, wondering what all the commotion is. Alan concludes that the city is evacuating. Alan rushes to the door. Heading outside, he sees a large murder of crows flying over the city and damaging cars. A townsperson ("Townsperson 1") screams as their car collides with another and bursts into flames. Looking further, Alan finds zombies in the town. A car stops in front of the sheriff's department. The driver ("Townsperson 2") tells Alan he must leave immediately as there are too many zombies to handle. Alan heads back to the sheriff's office to get out of town with Meg and Sherry. Heading inside, he hears a zombie shambling inside, having gotten in behind him.

The sound of zombies becomes louder and louder as they move up to the door. The windows are broken. Sherry is awoken, screaming. Alan takes out a shotgun and fires at the window. Meg alerts Alan to the door. He fires again. With more zombies coming, the two girls are told to climb to the roof for safety and then commandeer a car. Alan has Sherry grab his hand to get up.

At the top, she gasps as she sees the entire town succumbing to the t-Virus. There are too many around for them to get to a car safely. Alan sees the nearby sawmill, and plans to take a truck from it and drive off to safety. A helicopter flies over, which Alan identifies as being from the Air Force, confirming that the US military is now aware of the situation. Meg waves, hoping they will see them and drop a ladder. Instead, the helicopter fires a napalm missile at the town, which quickly bursts into flames. Alan hears the zombies groaning through the flames. Remembering Raccoon City, Alan wonders if destroying entire towns is the military's default method. The sheriff's office catches fire; the three jump off the roof and into an alleyway.

From the alleyway, Meg looks back up at the sky; she sees another group of helicopters approaching, recognising them as the helicopters that dropped off the "epidemic prevention unit" to clear out Raccoon City. Alan is still armed, this time with an automatic weapon. Two people - "Townsman 1" and "Townswoman 1" - run down a nearby street looking for a safe place to hide; they are gunned down by the special forces team. The three witnesses know to stay hidden, but are still intent on going to the sawmill.

When the three arrive at the sawmill, they find its door has been locked. Instead, they are forced to climb through a wire mesh fence. Meg and Sherry make it through with the help of Alan, but he is left behind as the zombies approach. Low on time, Alan shouts out that the truck is in the garage. As the infected move in further, Alan gives up waiting and tells them to catch up with him later. As he fires at the zombies, the two girls run into the garage. Climbing in the truck, Meg finds that the keys were left in. She tells Sherry that Alan will be back soon, intent on waiting for a sign before driving out.

While waiting, they see a military truck pull over outside; men get out wearing gas masks. Sherry identifies them as men she saw in Raccoon City, who she believes to be hunting her. The two lay on the seats to hide; they hear the men breathing through their gas masks as they approach. The breathing then gradually declines, and the two are confident they eluded the men. The door suddenly opens up and Sherry is dragged out; Meg demands they release her. The USS agent is shot by Alan, who has finally returned in time to save them. Finch reveals that Umbrella was annoyed at Finch's incompetence and decided to catch Sherry themselves. More Umbrella agents approach and begin firing. Alan jumps into the truck and they get read to start it up. Meg sees one of the Umbrella agents throw a grenade, totaling the truck. Uninjured, the three are forced to leave town on foot for the time being. Moving back through the town they find the town in an even worse condition. Alan suggests heading over to the lumber yard and getting a boat from there.

The three find the river as they approach the lumber yard; they know they are on the right track because of the wood being floated down river to the sawmill. Meg suggests they float down the river by using the timber as rafts. Alan likes the idea, but decides to stay behind; as he was bitten, he risks spreading the infection past the town. He tells the girls that gasoline is being stored in the shed; he intends to use it. Meg insists he join them, but he resists.

Alan tells them about why he is a small-town sheriff. Seven years ago, in 1991, he was a cop for the New York Police Department. One night he and a colleague found themselves in a fierce gunfight with some street thugs, who were later revealed to be other police officers, having all been sent to the same address in response to a false report. The criminals they were to arrest were already dead. The three hear the town explode in the distance; zombies leave the town towards them, with helicopters in pursuit. Alan goes on, explaining that he moved to Stone-Ville as part of his own personal punishment, too ashamed to work for a city police. Alan is urged to fulfill his roles as sheriff before transforming; angered at Umbrella and the US military's cooperation, he wants to fight them in retaliation of their town destruction.

Meg and Sherry climb onto the raft. As the zombies get further, a helicopter strafes at Alan. He pours gasoline all over the place as the two girls set off downriver. Alan takes out a lighter and drops it to the ground. The building goes up in flames, taking a number of zombies and some USS along with it.


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