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"A hospital transformed into some kind of hive full of squirming things. We pushed on and pushed the repulsive image from our minds."
— In-game description

The Hive, known in Japan as "Den" (巣窟 Sōkutsu?), is the third scenario featured in Resident Evil Outbreak. It takes place predominantly in Raccoon General Hospital and the sewers below. The level was completed from a draft outlined as Scenario "R028", one of some forty or so proposed stages for the game.


Three survivors take shelter at the besieged, though largely-abandoned Raccoon General Hospital. Dr. Hersh walks in them in Room 301 by accident, and suggests they leave the building immediately. With power to the elevators having suddenly gone out, Hersh leaves to turn it back on. He is attacked by leeches drawn to a zombie-bite on his arm, and is used as a vehicle in which they can assume a humanoid form, also known as the Leech Man.

After that, the team took the elevator to 1F. Once there, they went to the Office and grabbed the "Part of Memo" file, which contains the Carmine Code. Then they went back to the elevator and took it to B1F. When they get to B1F Passway, the Leeches are on the control panel. By the time the team killed the Leeches, the Leech Man appears. They used the Blood Infusion Pack on the floor to distract him. Then they quickly return to the panel and input the code. They exited the room immediately and took the elevator to B2F. Then they went to the B2F Passway, took the last Blood Infusion Pack and went to the Fixed Temperature Experiment Room. The Leech Man appears and they spill the Blood Infusion Pack into the floor to distract the monster. Then they got to the safe chamber and set the controls to "High". The Leech Man dies from the intense heat.

Once the Leech Man was dead, the team sets the temperature to "Low" and finds the Card Key Level 2. They used the Card Key to unlock the south door to the Underpass Entrance. They need a key for the padlock. After obtaining the Card Key Level 1 from the Examination Room in 1F, unlocking the south door in the BF1 Passway using the Card Key, and found the Chain Key in the Waste Liquid Disposal Room, they removed the chain from the boat in the Underpass Entrance. The three got in the boat and he started it. Something was blocking, so they got out and the boat crashes. There was a massive Leech hive, along with the "Queen Leech". After defeating the Queen Leech, they escape the sewers.


Main walkthrough[]

The player starts the level on Room 301, and triggers the arrival of Dr. Hersh when attempting to leave. Currently, power to the elevator is out and shutters have been raised, preventing the player from leaving level 3F. To regain power to the elevators, they must go to the Doctors' station, where Dr. Hersh restores power before being attacked by leeches. This Leech Man enemy will harass the player throughout the hospital. Its attacks will put the player in BLEEDING status, and it is invulnerable to injury from weapons. Abandoning the room when it arrives is advised, though this will also waste time on the Virus Gauge if an important item could not be retrieved.

The new objective is now to destroy Leech Man. To do so, the player must lure it to the Fixed temperature laboratory on level B2F. Power to this floor is currently unavailable, and requires a code to be entered in the Elevator control room on B1F. There are three possible combinations in the game, which can be deciphered by comparing the colours in the Chemical Code Message and Piece of Memo (Office, 1F) files, and then adding their numbers. For example, the former file refers to several colours such as carmine and cerulean, but if the latter explicitly refers to red, this is taken to mean carmine as carmine is a shade of red. In this example, the numbers next to these two colours are "1210" and "+2345". The B2F elevator code would therefore be 3555, a product of those two numbers. The access code for the Rooftop is always 0930. If the player is Kevin or Cindy, they can recover a Submachine gun from a dying police officer.

Now with access to level B2F, the player is to immediately head to the Fixed temperature laboratory via the Laboratory adjacent to the elevator door. To kill the Leech Man, the player must lure them into the chamber, ideally with a blood pack to keep them there. If there are no AI PCs in the chamber, the player will then be allowed to operate the controls outside of the chamber and increase the temperature, killing Leech Man. The temperature must be set back to cool, however, before they can retrieve the card key.

As the player now has the level 2 card key, they can unlock the door to the Underpass entrance and discard the item. The new objective is to obtain the padlock key so the boat can be commandeered. The padlock key is located in the Waste liquid disposal room on level B1F, but the level 1 card key is required to get access to the rest of this floor. This card is recovered in the Examination room on level 1F. Boarding the boat triggers a boss battle with the Giant Leech. The Giant Leech will generally attack with its tentacles from underwater, so it is advised the player keep to a greater distance to avoid these tentacles. If the player has not stocked up on items before triggering the boss fight, they may head back down the tunnel and finish exploring the hospital. If the Giant Leech is lured further down the tunnel, shooting a ceiling valve while it passes under it will also cause significant damage, giving an opportunity even for players light on ammunition to complete the level.

Event Checklist[]

  1. Used blood pack.
  2. Used nurse call button.
  3. Turn on power to shutter.
  4. Opened 1F shutter.
  5. Opened waiting room shutter.
  6. Had the elevator get to B2F.
  7. Elevator reached the roof.
  8. Bled at the nurse station.
  9. Unlocked door with B1F card key.
  10. Unlocked door with B2F card key.
  11. Defeated Leech Man.
  12. Got item from policeman on roof.
  13. Used chain key.
  14. Obtained map.
  15. Obtained "Male Nurse's Diary."
  16. Obtained "Repair Work Manual."
  17. Obtained "Setting Manual."
  18. Obtained "Piece of Memo."
  19. Got "Chemical Code Message."
  20. Obtained "Researcher's Diary."
  21. Got "Investigation Request."
  22. Obtained "Card Memo."
  23. Obtained "Security Guard Guide."

Partner character chart[]

Character L2+Analog← L2+Analog↑
Kevin George Jim
Mark Cindy George
Jim George Cindy
George Jim Cindy
David Cindy Jim
Alyssa George Cindy
Yoko Jim Cindy
Cindy Jim George

Further notes[]

  • The Leech Man will haunt the players through every room via the ventilation system, regardless the difficulty, it wont be able to reach the rooftop. In easy and normal modes, this would be the only "safe area" from the hospital. However, in Hard and Very Hard difficulties, zombies will come from the elevator and the Crows will respawn every minute.
  • In Hard and Very Hard modes, if a player kills a leech, another will respawn and drop from the ceiling.
  • Only Cindy and Kevin will receive the Sub Machine gun from the dying police officer; This weapon is recommended for the Giant Leech boss, as it will cause zero damage to the Leech Man. However, in Hard and Very Hard modes, they will only receive a Burst Handgun instead.
  • Randomly, players will find an unidentified civilian within the hospital's installations. If players find him before getting the BF2 card, he will be alive and request an Hemostat to stop his bleeding. Regardless of whether the player tries to get him the medicine or not, he will be found dead if the player tries to talk to him again.
  • Of all the elevator's passcodes, the only one that won't ever change is the Rooftop pass code.
  • The diaries found in this scenario serve as items, taking space in the character's item slots. However, they have no use and will be stored in the Files.
  • Melee weapons are recommended to be used in this scenario, leaving the fire weapons for the boss battle.
  • If a player or AI dies at any point in the mission, after the Leech Man is killed, that AI or Player's corpse will be used to create the new Leech Man, and this one will be unkillable. It is highly recommended that you watch your teammates' health on higher difficulty, for if they die it could present problems in the future. In Hard and Very Hard difficulties, the possessed AI and the Leechman will both haunt the player at the same time.
  • If a player is in the Nurses´ Station while another player presses the "call nurse button", an alert can be heard; this will not give any event points and will only occur in Network gameplay only.