Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The island and its factories can be seen when driving from the castle.

This unnamed island existed within a large lake in a mountainous region of Spain.


Once home to an ancient cave-dwelling civilisation which may have worshipped the Plagas, by the Early Modern Period their descendants were crushed in a crusade lead by Salazar, a nobleman who would make the region his base of power. Over the years, these towering structures built in the conquest succumbed to age and deteriorated, and by the 21st century little evidence remained connecting the ruins to the Salazar family, save for preserved crests.

The island also became the power-base of Osmund Saddler, leader of bioweapons developer Los Iluminados. Saddler was interested in the old pagan beliefs of the area, and sought to obtain Plaga samples for bio-weapons research. Using the guise of a Prophet, Saddler would amass a large organisation including militants, scientists and spies. Massive projects began on the island, starting with a base located on the north-eastern corner of the island against the Salazar fortress ruins, including a prison. As research on the Plagas and derived B.O.W.s continued, new facilities were built across the island, with new laboratories and a communications tower built on the west, and roads built in the centre for transport of supplies. An underground waterway was dug in a cavern to accommodate a small ship to serve as Los Iluminados' navy. New construction on the north-east side included coastal wind turbines for energy, and a large steel tower. The purpose of this tower is unknown, as it was never completed.

In late 2004, the US government began an operation in Spain, which led to the destruction of much of Los Iluminados' island facilities. How many militants survived, and whether they continued to control the island, is unknown.

Further notes

  • During the Castle stage, some cultists will say "No dejes que escapen a la isla vivo," which means "Do not let them escape to the island alive", revealing the next scenario in Leon's mission to rescue Ashley.


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