Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Island Iluminados

The Island is the third and last major area seen in Resident Evil 4. After defeating Ramon Salazar, Leon S. Kennedy gets a ride to the island where Ashley is held from Ada. Used by The Prophet Osmund Saddler and Los Iluminados for researching and developing Plaga-related B.O.W., it featured several bases, including a top-secret research facility. It also had a hospital, a prison, a communications tower, and a ruins complex within its inner walls. The island is home to some of the most powerful and most fearsome enemies in the game. The island and its culture may have had some ties to Los Iluminados for centuries, if not millennia prior to the events of 2004, as imagery for the Island and to some degree its mythological figures of a jaguar, eagle, and serpent were utilized by the cult.


The Island is reached at Chapter 5-1 and continues until the Final Chapter. Common enemies here are Saddler's private Militia, armed with maces, shields, axes, crossbows, and stun rods. The sub-bosses include Gatling Man; the Regenerador and Iron Maiden. The bosses are U3, Jack Krauser and Osmund Saddler himself.

Further notesEdit

  • During the Castle stage, some cultists will say "No dejes que escapen a la isla vivo," which means "Do not let them escape to the island alive", revealing the next scenario in Leon's mission to rescue Ashley.


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