The Mines is a location that is featured in Resident Evil 5.


The Mines in RE5 Danskyl7 (16)

While in the cave portion of the map, the map will not be usable. A Herb (Green) and the Lantern is located near the beginning of the map for the player to use. At the fork, a Herb (Red) is at the dead end path. Going in the direction that progresses there will be four Majini, two of which that can sprout Cephalo, a Ruby (Pear) on a ceiling, and boxes that usually have Flash Grenades.

At the bridge, there will be a B.S.A.A. Emblem off to the side, another Ruby (Pear) on a ceiling. After the bridge, there will be many Majini ready to attack. Around the area before the wooded bars, there is a branches path with a chest that has a Diamond (Oval) and a crate with a snake in it.

A wooden gate blocks the player but it can be lifted by one character turning a crack and holding it. When the other character moves forward, a few Majini will attack the player left behind. They must wait for their partner to operate a crank on their side to open the gate again.

Once regrouped past the gate, a scene will be triggered where a hoard of Majini ambush the players and a Checkpoint will be triggered. Within the area, a Ruby (Square) can be found. The next location is the Mining Area, the elevator can be use to enter that place.




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