The Noose Tightens is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


Linda escapes the sewers and heads for the Apple Inn. However, up on the Highway, an unknowing UBCS mercenary; Arnold, mistakes her slow pace for that of Zombie, and so shoots her in the leg with his Sniper Rifle. Arnold counts her as the 99th t-Virus product he has killed, but starts to have second thoughts; he decides to ignore it. Tommy, an Umbrella officer, complains that his UBCS team isn't actively seaking out Rodriguez and the "Package" he stole from them (instead mining the area). Tommy's complaints continue until Arnold points his rifle in his direction. Why he is actually aiming at a zombie, the fear from being so close to the trajectory keeps Tommy quiet.


Arnold: "This'll be the ninety-ninth rodent I kill..."
"Wait a second, I think that may be a live one."
"Ah well, fuck it."
Tommy Neilsen: "What are you doing?"
"Get the hell out there and find them!"
"How long do you plan to just sit here and do nothing."
"Can you get it through your thick skull?"
"If the package gets out it'll be your neck on the line."
"Not mine!"
Radio: "Sir! Land mine placement complete!"
Arnold: "Okay..."
"That seals off any ground exit."
Tommy: "What! Did you forget I'm the one that gives the orders here?"
"Wait! Think of the position I'm in..."
Arnold: "One hundred."

Arnold: "99匹目…いや待てよ"
Tommy Neilsen: "遊んでる場合か!"
Radio: "地雷の設置が完了しました"
Arnold: "よし…"
Tommy: "おい!!"
Arnold: "…100匹目だ"



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