The Opening is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This cutscene plays before the gameplay starts. This is the first FMV in the game.


Pilot: "This is Chopper Delta...preparing to drop off at Area E95070, over."

Raccoon city citizens begin screaming and running as many turn into Zombies.

Citizen: "What are they?"

The citizen is then confronted by a zombie and screams.

Police cruisers and a Raccoon SWAT van form a blockade on the road.
The officers exit their vehicles and raise their handguns, shotguns and submachine guns at the approaching horde

Police dispatch: "Green light, the blockade is set, awaiting orders, over."

Pilot: "All units proceed to Richmond and Victoria."

Chopper Delta begins offloading UBCS mercenaries via rope.

Second Pilot: "Alright"
Soldier1: "Let's do it!"
Soldier2: "Let's move, go go go go!"

The Zombies close in on the officers.

Officer: "Fire!"

The officers begin firing their weapons.

Unknown officer: "Come and Get it!"
SPF officer1: "Son-of-a...!"
SPF officer2: "Don't give up!"

The Zombies reach the blockade and begin attacking and eating the officers.

elsewhere, in the Raccoon General Hospital.

Soldier3: "Where are they?"

an elevator behind the two opens, releasing several zombies.

Soldier4: "Where'd they come from!?"

the UBCS officers rear their assault rifles.

Soldier1: "NEVER!"

The UBCS in the alleys are confronted by the zombies and fight a losing battle.
A UBCS soldier throws a grenade.

Soldier: "Take this!"

Soldier throws another.


A lone UBCS mercenary is cornered by a group of Zombies.

Soldier5: "You want some more?"

The Zombies are unaffected by the Soldiers firing and manage to kill him.

Except for a lone Zombie, The blockade is now completely lifeless.

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